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My name is Madhukar Pawar, I am 75 years old, socially responsible senior citizen from Pune. I am basically from Belgaum but post retirement I settled in Pune with my son. My keen interest in education made me do a double M.A, one in Marathi and other one in Hindi and then later I pursued a B.Ed from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. I started my career in 1965 as a secondary teacher in a Junior College in Ratnagiri and retired in 1999 as a Principal.

A Socially Minded Person

During my tenure as a college Principal, I established a Cooperative Housing Society for the college teachers as there were hardly any housing facilities for teachers.

IMG_0421Later, I set up another co-operative society of college staff for arranging emergency funds for all staff members (including 4th class employees) during any emergency situation in their life. I felt a need for this initiative after one of our teacher met with an accident and was in dire financial need at that time. Fortunately some other teachers and I helped him financially at that time but it forced me to start one such initiative for the welfare of the staff there.

My passion to work for others continued post retirement as well. I joined the Association of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of Pune (ASCOP) in 2008. I have served this body in a senior position and am still a part of their governing body. My wife Madhuri and I have been working on various welfare projects for seniors under ASCOP.

Founder of Medicine Bank

One welfare project which is very close to my heart is the medicine bank that I set up in 2004 with the intention of providing free medicines to poor people in some hospitals in Pune, Ratnagiri and nearby areas.

For this project we have a team of 10-15 senior citizens who collect sample medicines from doctors, sort them and then give them away in hospitals where free of cost medicines is provided to people who cannot afford it otherwise. This entire process is very time taking and requires a lot of hard work but our passion to do something good for others makes us do this.

Hobbies & Interest

I love travelling, so far I have travelled to China, Europe, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka. I also like listening to old Hindi and Marathi songs.

One thing which is of great interest to me is writing on social issues in magazines and newspapers. I have written some such articles for the Maharashtra Times.

Struggles & Achievements

I belonged to a middle class family. When I left Belgaum to study in Sangli, my family couldn’t afford to send money for my education. So, along with my studies I worked part time in a Hindi library so that I could continue studying and earn some money too. From the earnings of my part time job I completed graduation, double M.A. in Hindi and Marathi and later B.Ed.

Due to my hard work and good performance as a teacher, I got the best teacher award in 1995.


My father was a Subedaar in the Indian Army. After his retirement, he became an agriculturist in our village. My mother was a house wife. I am the eldest brother among five siblings.

I got married in 1968 to Madhuri, who was working as a primary teacher in Khed. She retired as an Extention Officer in 1999. Madhuri is an understanding wife, a loving mother and a caring grandmother. We are blessed with two caring and loving children, a son and a daughter. Both are well-educated and are well-settled with their respective families.

As good education has always been on my priority list so I feel very proud to share that our third generation, i.e. my grandchildren are also doing very well in their studies. My one grandson is doing B.E. in Germany and another one is doing M.S. in U.S. and both my granddaughters are also studying well in their college.

Fitness Mantra

I keep myself fit by leading a disciplined lifestyle. Every day I get up at 6 am, do some exercise and then join a laughter club at 7 am. After coming back from there I help my wife in doing some household chores. After this I do some writing work for magazines and newspapers. Post lunch, I read novels, magazines, newspapers. After this I visit my senior citizens club which I started in my area. At 4pm most of the club members meet to read books in the library, play some indoor games or do some social activity.

IMG_0196We do a lot of social and welfare work at our club like teaching slum children, organizing sangeet sabha which not only helps the club members to lead an active and productive life but also helps us in being useful for the society.

According to me an active senior citizen must be physically, mentally healthy and active. He/she must contribute in household chores and must also participate in social and welfare activities. They must respect the feelings of other seniors also.

Future Plans

I want to start many more senior citizens clubs in Pune for the healthy and productive living of most of the seniors who want to get engaged in some productive and meaningful activities.


My simple message to everyone is to be physically and mentally healthy. Don’t hurt others  through your deeds or words.

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