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My name is Ravindra Nimbalkar. I am a 64+ retired Principal from Pune. After doing B.Sc and B.Ed, I started my career as a teacher in 1980 in a small town near Pune.  After my retirement in 2013, I joined the Jyestha Nagrik Sangh Sangvi Parisar and Association of Senior Citizens Organizations Pune (ASCOP) to continue my passion of making productive contribution to the society and to encourage other seniors in leading an active life post retirement.

Working for Social Cause

pic 3After my retirement, during 2013-2015 I was involved in the promotion and implementation of various welfare projects for seniors, mainly in the area of health promotion.

In 2015, by chance I attended a training program by International Longevity Centre, Pune on Rainwater Harvesting, Waste Management and Controlling Pollution. This training program gave me a new perspective in my life and ever since then I took up the promotion of rainwater harvesting. My first project was in Sangvi area, where we faced many challenges in implementing this project due to lack of awareness, however with hard work and dedication I successfully overcame all hurdles. Now I am working for this cause and promoting it in other places too.

Hobbies & Interest

I am fond of sketching, watching Marathi dramas, travelling to different places. I also like watching movies on social issues like Dangal and Saamna. I am fond of music and I love to play Flute and Banjo.

Struggles & Achievements

My childhood was full of struggles. I belonged to a lower middle class family. My father was a 4th class employee in the Irrigation Department and was the only breadwinner for a family comprising of ten members, who included me, my 4 siblings, 2 widowed aunts, my parents and my grandmother. Inspite of limited income and resources my father wanted all his children to study well and excel in life. So he really worked hard in his job and to support the family me and my brothers also worked part time along with our studies. We sold vegetables, distributed newspaper, worked in a bakery to earn some money for school books and uniform.

I remember that during our school days we faced so much of economic hardship that we had only 2 sets of school uniform among three brothers. So only two of us could go to school at a time and one had to stay at home and miss the school.

I am proud to share that inspite of all such hardships all five siblings became highly educated and are now well settled in life with our respective family.

My struggles have taught me a lot in my life. They encouraged me to learn various life skills through which I not only survived but also progressed well in my professional life from a teacher to head of the college. I made it a point to also pass on my learnings to my students and encourage them to follow their passion for learning and knowledge. One proud moment in my professional career was when in the year 2000, under my guidance a batch of my students won an award at the prestigious National Children Science Congress in Kolkata.


pic 9

I am blessed with a loving, caring and well qualified family. My wife was working as a teacher in a government school from where she retired in 2016. My son is a BE in computers, he works in IT sector. My daughter-in-law works in HR department in a company. They have a 5 year old son.

My daughter and son-in-law have done their Masters in Computer Science. They both are well settled with their 4 year old daughter in US.




Fitness Mantra

To maintain healthy and active living  post-retirement, I go for morning and evening walk daily, eat nutritious food in all three meals, go out for movies and recreational activities with my wife and spend quality time with family. In addition to this, I provide my advice to students who look forward to such guidance for the issues which they face in their personal and professional life. This gives me lots of satisfaction and uplifts my mental health.

pic 2


I am actively involved in doing various projects with schoolchildren to create awareness on pollution free environment and the importance of water in our lives. Through these projects, I am contributing my small bit towards the development of the society.

According to me an active senior citizen must be physically and mentally fit, must eat well, and must act as a role model for others especially the youth.



Future Plans

I want to continue working for the welfare of senior citizens and environment protection. Also I wish to travel to different parts of the world.

My Message

My message to everyone is to be positive in life even in times of hardship and struggle; this is the best way to excel in life. This life is a gift from God, be grateful for all the good things that you have in your life and at the same time look for opportunities to contribute in a meaningful and productive way towards the society and the environment.

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