General Discussion

Introduction: New members please introduce yourself.

Share your experiences: Share your everyday experiences (good or bad).

Retirement: Share experiences or topics related to early retirement, adaptation to retirement and life after retirement.

Second Career & Volunteering: Discussions and suggestions on taking up another job after retirement. General discussion and experiences related to second career and volunteering.

News & Events: Share current news, events and conferences on Ageing in general and more specifically on Healthy and Productive Ageing.

Survey & Research: Any researcher who wishes to engage with forum members on gerontology related research topics can post their comments here.

Health & Wellness

Health Awareness: Share experiences and information related to physical and psychological well-being

Fitness: Share information on exercises, yoga, tai-chi, body building and other fitness techniques.

Diet and Nutrition: Share information related to healthy diet and nutrition.

Spirituality: Share meaning and experiences of spirituality.

Healthcare Facilities: Share and discuss information related to Assisted living, Independent living, Caregiving, Day Care, Homecare Services, Hospitals, Clinics and Hospice Facilities.


Family and Relationships

Family: Discussion on family matters and role of family in leading an active, healthy and productive life.

Intergenerational Relationships: Here senior citizens can share their experiences related to their relationship with children, grandchildren or any other younger person. Similarly youngsters can also share their experiences related to their relationship with parents and grandparents or any other elder person.

Friendship and Companionship: Share experiences and memories of your past and present friendships and companionships.

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies: Share hobbies like cooking, singing, dancing, sewing, painting, sketching, knitting, origami, gardening etc.

Travel & Leisure: Share your travel experiences like road trips, camping, treks, mountaineering etc. Share your pictures too.

Entertainment: Share information about your favourite means of entertainments like movies, music, books, sports etc.

Eating & Dining: Discussions on food, eating out, recipes, restaurants, TV and YouTube channels for learning recipes.

Technology & Gadgets: Discussion about usage of computers, phones or any other gadgets.



Retirement Planning: Share information and experiences related to retirement planning.

Health Insurance: Discussion on advantages and utilization of public and private health insurance.

Investing & Tax Saving: Discussion on saving schemes, investment plans, pension plans, taxes, social security and reverse mortgage.

Senior Citizens’ Rights

Awareness and Utilization: Share experiences and information related to awareness and utilization of various rights of senior citizens.

Schemes and Facilities by the government: Share information about the various schemes and facilities by the different ministries.

Protection from Elder Abuse: Share information about various measures which can protect the senior citizens from any kind of abuse.

Legal Rights: Discussion on legal rights of senior citizens.