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    May 22, 2017 at 4:21 pm #26306

    This week I had an opportunity to meet a Senior (80+) who came to Hyderabad for finalizing the marriage alliance of his grandson (daughter’s son). He came to Hyderabad all the way from neighboring state along with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson. He expected my presence and joined with the group. The team had a healthy discussions with the Bride’s family & relatives. From Bride’s side, her grandmother (maternal) having 70+ took active participation. Among the group, around 10 members (both male & female) are seniors (60 to 80+) and all are healthy with happy & independent living.  With the happy & healthy discussion, the purpose of the meet has been completed successfully with total openness and ended with the lunch.

    The man referred as 80+ is very simple, healthy, experienced, matured, and committed for helping others. He has done the  job with the NGO working  for the poor and marginalized people in general and particularly on health issues.  The three hour association made us to get connected well him and others from both the sides.  My role is like a facilitator for healthy sharing with systems and values.

    This connectivity and understanding has enhanced the  trust and i have been invited from both the sides for the Engagement Function and Marriage which will be held in Hyderabad.

    I enjoyed this facilitation with all in general and particularly with the seniors. This is the typical example of transformation of systems, traditions & values from older generation to younger generation. The joy and confidence i could see in the seniors is bright, happy and healthy with confident to move forward for the marriage of this young couple who are well educated and working as professionals.

    I strongly feel that such interactions and connectivity will certainly enhance the confidence level of Seniors and feel happy that the younger generation is ready to move forward with systems, traditions and values. This further seniors to lead happy & healthy living within the family and community.

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