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    April 20, 2017 at 2:22 pm #26097

    During the visit made to an  NGO in the last week, i met a Senior (80+) who is a retired teacher mostly worked in the rural villages. His Sons & Daughters are well settled and enjoying the life with their families and earnings. This man prefer to stay alone (wife expired around 30 years back) and enjoying his life mostly by helping others. He is very attractive, leading simply life and spends maximum time with people of all levels. His one of the daughter is with physical disabilities and able to lead independent living both socially and economically. Inspired by the family challenges, another daughter choose the line of SERVICE. Accordingly, he supported for her education in the area of Special Education. After that he supported her to start services by starting own NGO. He is supporting this NGO since last two Decades at various capacities including President. This NGOs for the Training & Development of Persons with Disabilities. I am mentoring this NGO and feel it as an opportunity to interact with this Senior. Still he likes to teach to these children with special needs. He utilizes all his connections for the development of the NGO.


    Still, he is very active in helping others with concern and commitment. In fact, he enjoys while doing such services. He is the better example of simple living and high thinking of helping others. He is  happy and healthy both socially and economically. He is a role model for others in this area and everyone one recognizes him with respect. He do follow systems with values and expect the same from others. He is the change maker with innovation and creativity.

    I will make it as a point to spend some time for updating on personal life and plans of NGO.

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