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    Nidhi Mishra
    July 19, 2017 at 9:15 am #26483

    Sharing a heartwarming article written and shared by Ms. Anastasia Dedhia in memory of her client Mr. Phiroze Driver who passed away recently at the age of 94 years and who according to her was an epitome of positive and graceful ageing.

    Ms. Anastasia Dedhia is based in Mumbai. She is the Founder of Mind Mantra (http://www.mindmantra.co) and is a Clinical Psychologist, Elder Care Specialist and a practicing EFT Therapist.

    “Darling, can I offer you a martini?” was the first thing I was asked when I met Mr. Phiroze Driver, a Parsi Gentleman living in Cuffe Parade; as I began my sessions with him in the early winters of 2013. The 11 a.m. Monday morning ‘Blues’ changed to beautiful ‘Pinks’.Uncle was 91 when I first met him as an Elder Care Specialist. The age where people usually wait for all to get over, uncle has something to look forward to, always!

    He seldom missed his date with a lovely cup of sweet, milky coffee at  CCI every evening. And as our sessions progressed, CCI and I became the reason for his strength to go ahead in his journey. He would look forward to meeting me every week. Like his son Cyrus once said, “When I was young, I would see a certain rush in my father before he left for work in the morning. I’m beginning to see that same rush in him again before your sessions”.


    Along with being meticulous and absolutely vigilant, he was the ‘perfect host’! Never has one session, in my 3 years of visiting, passed wherein he didn’t assure of my comfort. And as our morning sessions spilled over to lunch time, Uncle proposed that we could perhaps have lunch together. He would always courteously ask me about the food, the taste and whether I liked the food or not… (There were times I’d forget to ask him!). Those moments spent during the lunch time introduced me to the deeply caring nature of uncle.


    And as the days passed, I realised that I was learning more from him than he could ever, from me. Even at such an age, he would hardly refrain from trying newer things and never refrain from motivating others to try out newer experiences in life. ‘No’ was a term foreign to him.There were times when uncle would talk about the Bombay of his youth, giving me a visual tour of Mumbai back then, with the minutest details of older Bombay. He would animatedly express the locations, various cultural and traditional differences of the gone era (The now magnificent Churchgate station was just a wooden bridge back then).


    It was with uncle that I saw the first orchestra of my life. Not only did he give me the tiniest of details of Zubin Mehta’s concert, but also made sure to tell me about the ideal seats and side – seats facing the violin players are better. He gushed every time we talked of Zubin Mehta, his eyes gleaming, he’d say, “Zubin has grown up in front of me. Such a fine conductor he is!”


    Within 3 years, 1 person grew into an organization (Mind Mantra) of 4. My fellow Elder Care specialist, then, began with the sessions with uncle and he got along very well with them. After a few sessions with the new Elder Care specialist, uncle told her, “If Anastasia doesn’t come for the next session, tell her not to come at all!” Tears welled up in my eyes when I got to know that he passed away the very next day. I felt loss of a close friend. 


    Now, after a year since his depart, I know that memory of Mr. Phiroze Driver is etched forever in my heart. While I think of him, a beautiful phrase I read a while ago comes to my mind, “Growing old is mandatory, Growing Up is optional.” He was as young at heart as I was. What I’d like everyone to learn from this special and beloved man is something that I learnt from him, in our years of extraordinary relationship, is – “Whatever you do, do it with passion or don’t do it all!”

    July 22, 2017 at 8:03 am #26492

    Congrats SE for sharing such a valuable and positive way of HAPPY &HEALTHY Living. Also congrats to Ms. Anastasia D for creating such a positive relationship and environment. As a Founder and Professional she is doing wonderful services in general and particularly for the SENIORS who are more experienced and valuable and are the asset to the family, community and the NATION. Certainly getting old is a natural process which is the part of everyone’ life. So knowing that one need not bother for that PAST and should live in the PRESENT and FUTURE. Once this acceptance is achieved then the energy and resources can be planned for making life more happy with healthy systems and habits. I have seen several such a positive SENIORS Group both in Urban and Rural ENVIRONMENTS who made their lives happy and supporting others (family and community) to be happy. The need is to oriental the children and family towards the need of developing HEALTHY relationship with connectivity and values.

    Certainly this sharing will help many to change and follow follow maintaining healthy habits and relationships for happy and healthy living.

    All the best to Ms. AD to develop and create more such positive environments with positive attitude & relationships.

    Once again congrats to SE & Ms. AD for sharing such a valuable information which certainly helps many.

    Pandurangarao Sripathi
    July 22, 2017 at 8:05 am #26501

    He is a great example of extending warm hospitality as a noble host, He has passion for music, His another loveable quality is caring all these qualities kept him in good stead when he breathed his last his admirer was very greatly up set, For that matter I too feel sad as he is not spared as a centenarian, His life is for emulation for healthy and happy aging

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