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    April 11, 2017 at 12:35 pm #26046

    Access to the Environment at all the levels play a key role to support the people to avail the services / supports in general and particularly the Seniors & Persons having Disabilities. Emphasis has been given for this area both at National and International levels.

    The study made and published in the National Journal has been furnished below for better sharing and dissemination to the large groups as:

    ABSTRACT: Accessible Environments supports the people to access their needs as a right. Presence of barriers in the environments affects the development of the people and more with Persons with Special Needs with marginalization, isolation and poor quality of life. Disability, Poverty and Development works as a cause and consequence of each other which further deepens poverty with several challenges. Accessibility starts from home itself and moves towards work and public environments. The provisions made under various disability acts could not be utilized effectively mainly due to poor access for information, low priority, limited services, poor adaptation of support devices and technologies and mismatched service delivery systems. The challenges with accessibility have been transformed into opportunities and have opened the channels for CSOs with the supports from Government, Industries, Corporate, Funding Agencies and other Stakeholders. The initiatives made have resulted for positive impact with change in attitude. The initiatives and opportunities listed are simple, flexible and sustainable for crating accessible environments for all.

    ACCESSIBLE INDIA CAMPAIGN-UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Accessibility is viewed as ‘ability to access’ and benefit from some systems or entity. The concept focuses on enabling access for people with disabilities, or special needs, or enabling access through the use of assistive technology. In other terms it ensures access on physical environment, transportation, communication, information and services for persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others. Accessibility looks towards ‘Universal Design’ which aims that products, programmes, services and the environments usable by all people to great extent possible without the need of adaption or special designs. In continuation, United States International Council on Disabilities (UNICD) has selected the theme ‘Inclusion Matters: Access and Empowerment of PWDs’ for the 2015 International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It has got three subthemes which include: making Cities inclusive and accessible for all; improving data and statistics and including persons with invisible disabilities in society and development. Taking this as a lead, India came out with the flagship programme of “Accessible India Campaign (AIC)”. Based on themes and subthemes, this campaign has got specific work plan with time frame to achieve the mission of accessible environments which further moves towards inclusive, friendly, healthy and empowered environments where all the people can access their rights with dignity and respect for leading improved quality of life (QOL).

    ROLE OF CSOs: In the mission of creating accessible environments, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) do play a key role on partnership basis with the Government (GO) following the life cycle model of Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (DIME) and it is shown in Fig. 6. The resources, services, training and rehabilitation matching to the needs and vulnerabilities of the Persons with Special Needs (PWSNs) will be effectively planned and managed with the partnership of GO-CSOs at all levels. Such partnership for this mission for the CSOs is an additional opportunity to serve the people with matching solutions as an empowerment both socially and economically.

    1. Creation of awareness to the Students as part of the Courses in Disability.
    2. Awareness cum orientation programme to the PWDs, Parents, Professionals, Teachers, Community Workers and others at all levels.
    3. Mobilization of CSOs working in the area of Disability and to facilitate them for further dissemination.
    4. Project Works for the Master Degree Students with the focus on Engineering and Construction Professionals.
    5. Conducted Training for the Professionals associated with Disaster Preparedness and Management.
    6. Presentation of papers at National Seminars.
    7. Publication of Papers in the National and International Journals.
    8. Dissemination of information though Face Book, Blog, Linkedin and other e-forums.
    9. Facilitation with the Universities, Institutions and other Agencies connected with Disability and other related Disciplines.

    1. Awareness in advocacy mode need to be created effectively with need based sharing and dissemination.
    2. Training on Accessibility and Access Audit should be provided to the Engineers, Professionals, PWDs and other infrastructure and product developers.
    3. Encourage Students to participate in the Campaign in addition to take up Project Works and Research Studies at Disability Institutes and CSOs.
    4. Support CSOs with resources to work on partnership basis with Government, Industries, Corporate and other disability supporting Agencies.
    5. Develop Access Auditors to work with the Campaign at all the stages covering design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

    The process is going on with Educational Institutes, Government, CSOs, and Communities to create more and more Accessible Environments for ALL so that every one will have the opportunity of EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATION with better Accountability and Transparency.

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    April 11, 2017 at 12:37 pm #26062

    Thank you for the information.Are you the author of this paper?

    April 13, 2017 at 3:04 pm #26064

    Yes, I’m the author and published in the International Journal. More work is going in the area of Teaching, Training, Mentoring NGOs, Seminars. Workshops, and other forums. Also involved in Access Auditing, and facilitation for developing ACCESSIBLE ENVIRONMENTS.

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