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    Nidhi Mishra
    March 16, 2017 at 9:24 am #25937

    What are the issues of concerns and challenges associated with increase of population of older persons in India? What specifically are the needs of 60+ people ? Who are the different role players in the promotion of welfare of elderly and what are the ways in which their health and well-being can be promoted? These questions must be coming in your mind if you are concerned about the phenomenon of Ageing in India.

    Sharing an article of mine which was published in the BOLD journal of International Institute of Ageing, United Nations-Malta in 2014. Since it was published in 2014 so the data mentioned in it is of that time period only. With betterment of services, advancement of technology and modernization of society, conditions of senior citizens are changing for their good but many of the concerns and challenges mentioned in the article still exist.

    Read Full Article: and do share your comments on the same.

    March 20, 2017 at 5:54 pm #25970

    Ageing is inevitable and everyone should accept this fact and prepare for happy and healthy living. The issues and challenges with ageing are dynamic and well connected with everyone at all levels. In view of better awareness and health care, the life span has increased to 70+ or more. This is more in urban areas and others who are economically strong and accessible for health care services / supports. The Government has already created several facilities for nutrition and healthy care. The Corporate Hospitals and NGOs work together to reach the vulnerable group in general and particularly Seniors with matching services / supports including Homes on commercial or free basis. Putting at Seniors at homes is increasing but can’t be the solution. The need of the hour is to create awareness for the family members, youth and others about the need to get connected with values for respecting the Seniors at family and community itself. Finally, the issues and challenges with ageing can be or should be accepted and resolved with innovation and creativity. This results for accepting the SENIORS as most valued Human Resources who can be the change makers & connectors for the younger generation with systems, and values. So ACCEPTING Ageing is the FIRST SUCCESS to move towards happy and healthy living.

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    Nidhi Mishra
    March 29, 2017 at 12:46 pm #26018

    Thank you for your comments. You are right that senior citizens should be accepted as the most valued human resources as many of them are contributing in their own way towards the development of the society.

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