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    October 4, 2019 at 4:44 pm #27691

    On 2nd October, 2019, Team Senior Express did a combined celebration of Gandhi Jayanti as well as World Elder’s Day by launching our unique inter-generational initiative “Saaraayu Meetup”. Through Saaraayu Meetup we intend to bring together people across generations for learning together, for de-stressing through the sharing in the group and also for coming together to do something meaningful for the society.

    final picOur first meet-up was themed around “Ice breaking and Storytelling”. The members who participated in the meet-up ranged from a 22 year old MBA student to 85 year old Medical Scientist cum Writer cum Social Worker. It was a very interesting inter-generational group with members from background as diverse as National level Badminton player, Architect, Senior Corporate professional, founder of Start-up Support Venture, Engineer and Psychologist.

    Our special guest for our very first meet-up was Mrs. Urmila Rau Lal, an 85 year old medical scientist turned writer, who did shared interesting personal anecdotes around the excitement and challenges of joining the workforce when concept of working women professionals was still a novelty in the society. Based on her experiences she gave valuable suggestions to the young working member as to how they can handle stress both in personal and professional life. She also shared her motivation behind switching career track from being a scientist to becoming a writer at the age of 70 and inspired other young members to listen to their heart and pursue things of interest along with professional task.

    giftingMrs. Lal also shared her experience as a child when she meet Mahatma Gandhi during Quit India Movement and the message which Mahatma Gandhi gave her and which she still remembers. Her story and life journey is a true inspiration for the meet-up participants and left all of us in awe, amazed and motivated to push ourselves harder towards whatever we aim for and at the same time becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious human being.

    pic 6During the meet-up the participants shared a bit about their personal and professional background along with their interest and hobbies. This helped in building bonding and also in identifying commonality amongst people from such diverse background.

    As most of our meet-up participants were young mothers, we had encouraged them to bring their toddlers and kids along. We ended the session with some songs and dance performance by kids.

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