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  • Baalkrishan Thaman
    January 3, 2019 at 7:46 pm #27418

    Hello, I have recently bought a car swift. It is getting nice color and also good design. It is getting more comfortable for me.  I have search more cars in online. But swift is getting good protection for my family traveling. I have received the invoice bill from the showroom. I can pay the money buy the way of online transaction. But i cannot get the GST rate in that bill. How is it possible? All products must be getting the bill with GST rates. But why my bill cannot get the GST rate? I need to complaint about that car. I have given all documents and proof for buying that.
    Did you know what the GST rate for new car is? Please tell me i need to ask the dealer about that issue. I need to sale the old stock and products to the market. It is also getting the GST rates. How to add the GST rates for old products. Is any option to find the rates in online? Please give me the correct details here. I am looking your reply here. I am offering some of option to my family about the car. I need to show the invoice bill to my father. What are the main issues for the GST rate calculation?
    How it was calculated. Did you explain me? I need to know all products and their GST rates also. I am getting better sources from online also. It is give only small information to me. I need broad and best explanation from you. I am saving some of information in my mail box. It is getting good account matters and some of sure points also. I have watched the GST bill sample in online. It is getting GST percentages and calculation clearly. Then why my car bill cannot get that?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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