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    May 3, 2017 at 1:57 pm #26125

    This week i met a Senior Couple (80+) at one of their family get together. He is a retired Teacher and wife is a House Wife. They are leading happy life staying with their son in Urban Environment. This couple are blessed with two sons, and four daughters. All are married and blessed with children and well settled in their life mostly in the same Urban Environment. The extended family of this Senior couple including sons, daughter-in laws, daughters, son-in laws, grandchildren, & great grandchildren is 40+. Senior couple is systematic, simple, and maintain good relationship with family members, relatives, friends and other community members. They are the best advisors and facilitators for systems, traditions, culture, values and others from generation to younger one. I had an opportunity to associate with this entire family for the last 15+ years. Meeting many of them at family & community functions.

    These seniors are well connected with their friends who are mostly (60+) and maintaining Senior Citizens Group with better connectivity with their Residential Welfare Colony. They do the needful for getting the facilities to the Colony for local authorities like Municipal, Electrical, PWDs, and others. As majority of them are retired from Education Department, they guide the Colony Children for basic concepts and facilitate & guide for higher education & employment.

    Such connectivity with the family & community is helping the Seniors in particular and others in general to lead happy life with better harmony. They are with family and don’t have a problem of security & protection which senior often need.

    This is one of classical way of leading happy life by the Seniors in particular mostly with families within the community of Urban Environment.

    This Senior Couple is the role model for others to follow and thus to enjoy the life within the family & community. I’m using such example & experiences while counseling other families having some issues in general and particularly with SENIORS.

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