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    April 7, 2017 at 1:22 pm #26045

    On the eve of SRIRAMANAVAMI get the opportunity to meet several SENIORS along with their family members at Community Level Celebrations. Very good occasion for the mixed groups (all ages) to discuss, share, facilitate and get connected with recharge. The efforts are mainly to create positive attitude / environment so that everyone will get refreshed with better connectivity. At the sometime some Seniors do face financial issues in addition to the family / social challenges. The Senior Citizens groups have took active participation in the celebrations. This opportunity has been utilized to create awareness among the Seniors that the amendment of Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD ACT) 1995 as Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RPWD ACT) 2016 has included several disabilities which are common in majority of the SENIORS. This has created interest among the groups and expressed to continue the same. In addition such interactions also motivated the groups to develop some facilities for all in general and particularly for Seniors at family & community level.

    Certainly such community celebrations and interactions will support for better connectivity with respect and dignity. This further helps to orient the youth & family members to support the elders at family level itself. I’m happy to be part of celebrations in general and particularly to get connected with the people of all ages at community level with special focus on challenges, care and needs of the SENIORS. This process will be continued to meet more and more with better connectivity and sharing mostly as a problem solving or facilitation.

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