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    April 20, 2019 at 12:44 am #27501


    Bali is one of the popular tourist destinations in this world. Our contributor Mr. Rajaram Krishnaswami, a 70+ Management Consultant and a Visiting Faculty at a prestigious business school recently visited this place with his wife.

    For the interest of all those who wish to visit this place he has shared a small note of his travel experiences there along with some beautiful photographs.




    Bali is a very peaceful place, very very clean, not a speck of litter despite its fame for being a Tourist destination for people all over the world.
    The Roads are very even and excellent to drive on, a Model for India. We were struck by the politeness and discipline of Vehicle Drivers.We did not hear a single person honking or rushing to overtake carelessly!
    We visited the Beaches dotted by Honeymooning Couples, many from India, went on a Cruise, visited the well-maintained Bali Safari and Marine Park, and a number of Hindu Temples.


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