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    July 6, 2017 at 8:39 pm #26453

    Yesterday while waiting for a bus to travel to Hyderabad I met an interesting Senior doing business on pavement. This is at one famous Cross Road. Earlier he worked with one local establishment and managed the family. When he reached 60, the owner has asked him to leave the job. His request for continuation for another two years hoping for the settlement of family was not considered and forced to leave the job. After leaving, he thought to do something in which he got skills. He is good at tailoring and started making some readymade kurta pyjama for all the ages. Marketing of the same has got some limitations. Accepting the challenge, he has decided to come out and started selling the same by putting on the pavement at one of the busy crossroad. He is very much to share more details with me. In addition to selling the suits, also accepts orders which he deliver at the same point which he is continuing for years together at the same place. He also sends the order by courier also to the people of the same state and neighboring also. He  has good reputation and doing it with pleasure. I thought of purchasing some sets but unfortunately he is not having and do such specific only by order. As I have to leave the place, informed him that I will be back after sometime. I have got an opportunity to spend more than one hour and felt happy to know his details and really helped to learn as the way to transform a challenge into an OPPORTUNITY to support the family.

    He has shown a model for others to be brave to earn and enjoy the life with family at any age. Such a motivating personality will help the people to live happily with better quality of life. Mostly I will be meeting this person for sharing and to purchase readymade clothes for self. Looking forward to share more such secondary employment / self empowerment.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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