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    June 21, 2017 at 3:37 pm #26434

    This article is shared with us by Mr. Paras Nath, who is an internationally acclaimed flutist and a loving son. He has written this post in respect of his father Pandit Amar Nath who is 70+ and who is also a famous flutist from Banaras Gharana.

    Today on the occasion of  World Music Day, Mr. Paras Nath wants to express his love and gratitude towards his father who is not only his teacher but also his biggest inspiration. 

    Music has always been an integral part of my life just like breathing, it stops and i am gone. I have known and seen the power and magic of music, because born in family of traditional flute players; music in form of flute was always around me. This gift of life was given to me by my grandfather Pandit Shiv Nathji and my father Pandit Amar Nath under whose expert guidance I learnt and loved the most difficult wind instrument called flute.

    My father Pandit Amar Nath always has been my role model throughout my life. And he has attended and participated in almost all the famous music concert like ICCR, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Sangeet Natak Academy not just that he has performed on National programmes of Doordarshan  Kendra and Akashawani where he has spread his magic of music mesmerizing his audience and getting accolades from his critics.

    He has traveled far and wide making huge impacts on countries like Holland , Germany, England, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China etc. He also gave an excellent performance in Kazakhstan held under ICCR in “50 years of Indian Independence festival”. All this and more made me want to follow his footsteps.


    To me the definition of life is my father and he has given me and my brother beautiful childhood memories in spite of being such eminent personality . At present my top of the wishlist is following the legacy of Banaras Gharana. which means performing in various countries and reaching the expectancy of the legacy.My family has taught me the secret to happiness in life that is passion and devotion in the work you do which I found while playing flute.

    My father at every steps and missteps in my life has given me guidance ,light and perception not just on music but on life. He is my staunch ally and still manages to inspires and awes me in every aspect. This article is just a small way through which I can express how much grateful I am to have him ,nor any form of gratitude will be enough for all he has done.I look up to him whenever I need inspiration and motivation.

    He has passed on the legacy which I am eternally grateful for. Under his guidance and teaching not just me , many great flutist have been produced. He is not only an outstanding flutist of India but admirable father too.

    Hailing from a renowned family of musicians of Varanasi and keeping up the inheritance of two and half centuries  was not an easy task but from childhood looking up at Grandfather, uncle and father , I knew I had to make you proud , how could I not when I got trained ,guided and blessed from all the three Gurus!

    The music which I adore and worship is given by you and my world means you. Belated Happy Father’s Day and Happy World Music Day ,Papaji.


    July 1, 2017 at 10:08 am #26451

    Dear Mr. Paras Nath, happy to know about you and your father who got international recognition in the chosen area. Congrats to both and particularly to you specifically for sharing the details with Senior Express. This has helped to reach the message to larger groups. Certainly FATHER is the role model for children in general and the attitude of the children who grasp and carry forward for growth and development. Hope this posting will motivate more and more to co share about father and children.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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