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    May 9, 2019 at 1:15 pm #27538

    Hello Friends, I am Meenakshi Gandhi, a senior citizen who is passionate about drawing and painting.

    When I was in school in Delhi, along with being an academic scholar I was very much into drawing and painting as the atmosphere around me was like that because my dad was an architect.

    After completing my studies I got married in a big joint family in Mumbai and got busy in taking care of family members and my pastime mainly was cooking then but after completing my responsibilities and after a span of 45 years I again started canvas and charcoal painting, little knowing that it will take me to much wanted fame and appreciation.

    FinalAt the age of 67, I came to know about some painting exhibition in Balgandharva Rangmandir in Pune and to my surprise I was invited to send some of my paintings for an exhibition event which was supposed to have paintings of artists from all over India in which I sent 5 of my canvas paintings and after a fortnight got an email stating that 2 of my paintings were selected. I couldn’t believe my eyes but it was actually a dream come true, so after completing the formalities of filling the registration form I submitted my paintings.

    The exhibition was for 3 days, from 26th to 28th of April ,2019 , and I could meet many great artists there who were mainly between 20-35 years of age , I learnt a lot from them and realized  that expressing oneself through colours gives us relief and takes us to an altogether different world.

    Painting is not only a hobby but also a distressing exercise for me. So my humble suggestion to all the seniors is that as long as we are physically active we keep our self active and involved in whatever hobbies we are interested in, or whatever we have missed doing in our young age while fulfilling our responsibilities towards our family and professional life. This is the only and the best way to be satisfied.

    Remember, to be busy is to be happy!

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