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    August 2, 2017 at 8:21 am #26538

    Yesterday i have attended a marriage reception at our colony itself. I could observe three things at this meet. One is happy gathering of Seniors along with their family & extended members, second uncontrolled food intake, and third waste of large quantity of food.

    The first is fine to share and get relief including solutions for some of the issues which they can’t share with their family members. Such meets are welcome and certainly make this group more happy with strength and energy.

    The second one of loosening the control on the consumption of high caloric (non vegetarian) FOOD certainly create problems in the night or next day. This is in general and particularly for the health issues like diabetes is more dangerous. In addition consumption of sweets is added issue. In view of this, such meets will result for more health issues.

    Third point is about wastage of food. Such meets are the best occasions for the SENIORS to be the ROLE model for younger generations. But it is the fact that majority of the SENIORS waste lot of food in the presence of their family members as well as younger generation. This looks very much unnecessary and unhealthy.

    Instead everyone should feel responsible and enjoy the meet with better consumption and management. Though it looks silly, still got valid reflections for making meet more happy and healthy.

    Such control and management will help to conserve the resources and to utilize them properly for the one who are struggling for every meal. I am very much conscious on this aspect and never feel bad to share within the group. Though it looks very small, but continuation of such healthy habits will certainly help to move forward towards the most needy,& priority mission of FOOD SECURITY FOR ALL.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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