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    November 22, 2017 at 10:30 am #26805

    As our dear contributor and well wisher, Mrs. Meenakshi Gandhi is celebrating her birthday today, she shares  some useful tips to lead an active and productive life post 60s.

    Do read and get inspired!

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    “Do not regret growing OLD, It’s a privilege denied to many”

    How true is this proverb! Here we go on complaining about life at every stage and still growing old and living a fulfilled life is actually a privilege. Every stage of our life has its own charm, childhood is full of fun, teenage is the learning period, adulthood is about growing up, middle age is full of responsibilities and retirement is the golden period. Here are few of my thoughts and suggestions on how we can sail through this golden period with vitality and vigour and make a difference to people around us.

    Enhance and revive your passion and hobbies: Old age should be called golden period as it is in our own hands whether we make it taxing or enjoyable. Having completed all the responsibilities with great satisfaction, this period, if managed carefully, can be the most satisfactory. We have the liberty of doing a whole lot that we could not get done earlier, with so much time at our disposal. We have particularly seen many people plummeting into self defeat, or self-pity on growing old, as to “There is nothing more left for me to do now, I have fulfilled all my responsibilities” and they literally wait each day for God to come and take their life away. This attitude is not only destructive but also harmful for the entire family.  One should take the onus of creating their own lives around our hobbies and passion and make their daily routine fun. Playing Sudoku or solving crosswords help us in keeping our memory sharp; one could rely on gardening or painting for hours of self-satisfaction and entertainment. These are only a few of the examples, the gamut is really infinite!

    Accept the inevitable: We should overcome the fear of Death.  We all know that one day we have to leave this world, still we are afraid of Death. We think our spouse and children will be unable to withstand our loss, but the truth is no one is going to die for you. They may be depressed for some time, but time heals everything and they will carry on. So, basically we should change our attitude and live as if these are the gifted years.

    Make memories: Memories are wonderful, but don’t get stuck in reverse. Cherish the people and places you’ve known, but make new memories. Each passing day brings new memories which enhance your existing ones, and make way for many more to come. Family relations will strengthen.

    Learn to broaden your circle of friends and reach out to all people: We can catch up with our friends and have great get together, or join some library and read books or learn games on computers. No activities are especially reserved for kids only, in fact, we become kids again when we retire. We can participate in society functions, dance as we wish and can visit schools for visually impaired, orphanages and hospitals. We can even make new friends on Facebook; it’s like having pen friends of previous years. Some friends even help us to get out of depression, in which we are likely to slip in, if we don’t talk with people of our age or for that matter, of any age, whenever we get a chance. Playing with our grand kids and their friends is so refreshing that we even forget any pain which we may be having. Just like our family members, friends are important too. We can share our day to day experiences; can help someone who is in distress or paying visit to someone who is invalid, in hospital.

    Give back to the society and the less blessed: It’s never too late to give back to the society. If your children take care of you and stay with you, you are more blessed than ever, but think of those unfortunate people who have no one to lean on to. Try to reach out to people for a particular cause that is close to your heart. Give your free time, if not necessarily money and use your time to enhance the life of the less fortunate by teaching children or helping people in Old age homes who have no one to take care of them. In short, our bonus years should be utilised happily and effectively. If you can enjoy your passions, while making the world a better place, so much the better!

    Join like-minded communities: Many celebrities have become busy and famous after 60 years of age, so golden age can be glamorous and as exciting as any age. If you feel lost and have no sense of how to proceed with your life, you can join many like-minded communities where there are people with your same passion and together you can make a difference to the society as well.

    Bucket List: We should come up with a bucket list. A list of all the things and experiences that we want to have in life. This is the perfect time to come up with this list and give a new purpose to life. Some of them might include places that you want to visit, or adventures that you want to have, or just connect back with a long lost friend or relative.

    No matter where you are or which decade you are in, you can always make a difference. It all boils down to attitude in life! Live fully and use all your resources wisely.

    On behalf of Senior Express we wish Mrs. Gandhi a beautiful, wonderful and healthy life ahead.













    January 2, 2018 at 10:39 am #26864

    Absolutely true. Happy birth day to Mrs. Meenakshi Gandhi and many more returns of the day. Her tips are valuable and one need to follow for making themselves happy and healthy with respect and dignity.

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