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My name is Pandurangarao  Sripathi. I am an 80 year old energetic and positive spirited retired Principal of a Government Inter College from Hyderabad. Although I have retired from job but I am still continuing my passion for teaching and social work by working with various socially minded organizations. Due to my active lifestyle at this age some of my friends and students call me superman.

My Interests

Along with teaching and working for the special sections of the society I also like reading thought provoking and motivational books. Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” is one of my favourite book which helped me a lot when I was emotionally disturbed. I also like watching movies which gives some message to the society. My favourite Telugu movie is “Tata Manavadu” which according to me gives a strong message of respecting and caring of elders.

My favourite historical personalities are Gautam Buddha for his compassion towards others and Swami Vivekanand because he believed that power is within us that is why he said “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”. My role models are Mahatma Gandhi because he preached that service to mankind is service to God and Dr. A.P.J. Kalam who is the best example of simple living and high thinking.

All these famous personalities have inspired me a lot in my life and have motivated me to do something meaningful and good for the society which I am trying to do in my own way through my services towards the various sections of the society.

Struggles in Life

Life has been a tough journey for me but my hard work and positive thinking always helped me in overcoming these struggles. I lost my father when I was 9 years old. My maternal grandfather (mother’s maternal uncle) took care of me and my family during those tough times. Since an early age I became very close to him. He taught me to help others especially the ones in need and facing challenging times in life. He was an advocate and he dedicated his life towards helping others, even after his death his organs were donated to needy people. He passed away when I was 26 years old. It was a big shock for me, I felt as if I became orphan at that time. But then I gathered courage to accept it as God’s will and move on in life.

I felt shattered when I lost my wife ten years ago as she was a great companion and support who had always been my side in all my struggles in life. My philosophical and spiritual orientation towards life helped me once again in overcoming my grief and accepting it as a part of life. After her death I donated many of my house’s furniture and appliances in her name to charitable organizations and have been leading a simple life as I always believed in the principle of “simple living and high thinking”.

Work and Achievements

I started my career at the age of 24 years when I got selected as Assistant Lecturer by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. I loved my job as it gave me the opportunity to take up various responsible and interesting roles and do lot of meaningful tasks along with teaching. As Head of the Department and Principal I not only listened to the concerns and issues faced by students, teachers and other staff members but also was always available to resolve those issues.

Even after my retirement I was invited to take up various senior positions in colleges, the Board of Intermediate Education and the Telugu Academy where I worked on standardization of terminology and preparation of encyclopedia of chemistry. I am very much satisfied with my professional life and feel proud when I talk about my students as many of them are doing very well in their respective professions. They are also in touch with me and they acknowledge my efforts and teaching.

social workNow-a-days I am working mostly as Advisor and Volunteer with various socially minded organizations working towards healthcare, health awareness, palliative care, welfare of children and senior citizens, disability and right to education. I am also in the advisory board of various senior citizens associations and old age homes in Telangana.

Kinnare old age home

For my work and contribution towards the society, the state government honoured me with Vayoshrestha Award in 2015. Some organizations working in the area of healthcare and eldercare have felicitated me as well with various awards and recognitions.

My Family

My wife, my good friend passed away 10 years ago. Initially I felt very upset and lonely but with time, spiritual thinking and children’s support I have got adapted with this change now.

family picI have three children, one son and two daughters. All my children are highly educated and are doing well in their professional life. They all are well settled with their own family in Hyderabad. I am very proud of the fact that both my daughters and my daughter in law are passionate academicians like me. All six of my grand children have professional degrees and are doing good in their professional and personal life.

Though all my children live in Hyderabad and we are very close to each other and share a cordial relation, however as I am a follower of Gandhian Philosophy of self-sufficiency and hence have chosen to live independently in a small house and prefer to do all my personal and household chores by myself. My children respect my decision and we meet on a regular basis.

Active Lifestyle

People ask me what is my secret to healthy living and my answer is active lifestyle, positive thinking and engagement in meaningful work.

I get up in the morning at 6am and do some aerobic exercises, pranayam and meditation for 1 hour daily.  After this I have my breakfast followed by some household chores like cleaning house, washing clothes and cooking. I have simple and balanced meals. Once the household chores are done I step out during the day for my volunteering and advisory work with various voluntary and healthcare organizations with which I am associated. While going for work I prefer to walk or use local transport like bus as it keeps me active.


Once I am back home I prepare and have my dinner, read books, spend some time on Facebook and WhatsApp, take selfies sometimes 🙂 and then go to sleep.

My Wishlist

I am leading an active and healthy life and I wish to lead such a life till my last breath. Following are the things on my wishlist:

  • I want to inspire more and more students to develop leadership traits in their respective fields and make India a superpower as students are the future of India.
  • To guide and motivate more and more senior citizens to keep themselves physically and mentally fit by practising yoga, meditation and developing positive mental attitude.
  • To work with more senior citizens associations and organizations for empowering seniors.

My Message

We are in this world to perform certain duties. So along with your personal and professional responsibilities do some services for the welfare of others and thus contribute towards the development of our country.

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    Happy to see the profile of SPR Garu and congrats for his concern and commitment for others in general and particularly for children & SENIORS. I’m very lucky to associate this great personality. We are staying very near to each other and well connected with committed bondage. We regularly talk, interact and discuss several issues concerning with the people who are in need of services & supports. I am mentoring NGOs, Service Organizations working on various issues of the people & community. We commonly visit NGOs working for Children, Orphans, Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens and other such need based services. We are several similarities of thinking and supporting others mostly by mentoring for Empowerment. We spend lots of time both by telephonically & directly. We do attend some workshops, seminars and other such events on education, health, disability, water, employment, income generation and others. He is the role model for youth and seniors. He is a good counselor & facilitator and connects larger groups.

    He is the best example of SIMPLE LIVING & HIGH THINKING.

    Our bondage is very special having several commonalities in general and particularly to help others the best way it is possible.

    I’m nearing to 60 and this young and dynamic man is 80+. It reflects that certainly AGE is not the criteria for connectivity and sharing. I am looking forward to continue the relationship with this committed personality and learn for the common interest of helping others.

    I am well connected with this SENIOR EXPRESS & very active in postings, sharings and discussion on various aspects of SENIOR CITIZENS.

  • Architha Naidu

    Proud to be ur grand daughter. luv u tataya!!!!

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thank you Lakshmi narayanji for your fine feelings about me I have the faith that we can march forward to render service to the under privilegein the society

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thank you my dear ARChItha you too may take lead to involve in social activities along with your professional activities all the best god bless you

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”


    The profile of SPR has been widely circulated in the Face Book and get very good response. The connectivity with SENIOR EXPRESS has added value and got accepted by the people in the network of mine and SPR. Looking forward for to continue with SENIOR EXPRESS.V


    In continuation, more reflections on Sripathi Pandu Ranga Rao can be seen at the following like as: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008884861386


    Thank you sir for your concern and commitment to continue our service journey of supporting poor and marginalized people. Certainly, we will move forward to work for the training and rehabilitation of the persons with special needs which includes Seniors also. Other priority is to work for the development and implementation of Model Home for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (more specifically Persons with Mental Retardation) and Orphan Children. This Home will have mutual benefit to all the residents. Looking forward.

  • Rinitha Nara

    You have always been my inspiration and motivation to work for the society and I feel blessed to have you as my grand father.


    It is the happy occasion for SPR that one of his granddaughter is getting married on 14th of May 2017. He is busy in inviting his group who are mostly SENIORS. I am one such lucky family to get invited for the same. Certainly i will be part of this with family. Along with SPR, i will be meeting several SENIORS and actively interacting as i know them in general and particularly for conceptualizing & developing Service Forums for SENIORS & Other Needy & Marginalized. I will be posting more details on SENIORS either on 14th or next early date. Looking forward.

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thank you NLNji for your concern for me and my family in particular and senior citizens in general. We together move forward with redoubled vigor in the service of the under privileged.


    I had an opportunity to meet several SENIORS at the marriage function of granddaughter of shri. Sripati Pandu Ranga Rao. Very good meet for the Seniors as well as others for better sharing and dissemination. Everyone has enjoyed and spent time meaningfully. Even the younger group has enjoyed to see the connectivity with sharing.

    Such meet of the SENIORS at Family and Community Celebrations gives relief and sense of security. Everyone should see that every efforts should be made to keep SENIORS happy.

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thanks for your concern towards our family and seniors. Looking forward.

  • Anvitha Naidu

    You are always our inspiration and role model , proud to be your grand daughter Thataya..

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thank you my dear Anvitha I bless u too fall in line with us to taste the sweetness of the service activities god bless you


    During this month i had a good association with SPRR Sir in joining several meetings at community and service centers situated in Hyderabad. Majority of them are connected with the guidance, counselling, care and protection of SENIORS and other vulnerable groups. Such meets are very much part of our work plans. This way of connecting with the people makes SPRR very active and positive and finally helping him to enjoy the life. One secret of SPRR is that he is simple and accepts the people & environment as it is with out any conditions & expectations. Certainly it is a very good opportunity for me to meet, interact, share and moving together mostly for helping & guide others. I’m hoping to continue this association and facilitate others to move forward for happy and healthy living of people who are in need of the same.

  • Pandurangarao Sripathi

    Thanks to all the respondents.

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