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My name is Keshab Motiram Advani. I am 90+ active, young at heart and happy go lucky person from Pune, who believes that age is just a number. After doing Diploma in Electronics in 1949 from Wadia College, I worked in Mumbai for some time and later started my own garage there, which I ran successfully through my hard work and determination. Later I shifted to Pune and got involved in various social welfare works by being a part of various senior citizens organizations and social clubs. In addition to this, I help my son in running his business.

Hobbies & Interest

I love singing old songs, listening to music, participating in social and recreational activities and watching my favourite sports cricket, which I use to play a lot earlier.

Childhood Memories

In 1942, I moved with my family from Karachi to Mumbai. It was a big transition in our life, however, we adapted successfully to this change.

I have very vivid and fond memories of my childhood. My father was in a transferrable job, during his tenure he worked at different places like Bombay, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sindh, Delhi and Shimla. Wherever he went we also stayed there with him.  Because of this I got the opportunity to travel to so many places with my siblings, which I consider as the best part of my childhood.


My father was the Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax and was a very reputed person in his area. My mother passed away when I was 12 years old. I had 5 siblings, who are no more.

My wife was my companion, friend and well wisher; she passed away 11 years ago. After her death I felt lonely for sometime but my social life and passion to do something good for others helped me in recovering from this loss. I have one son who is an entrepreneur. My son and daughter-in-law take good care of me.

Struggles &Achievements

I financially struggled a lot when I started my garage. I was poor in business tactics then but with experience I learned to handle things well. My experiences made me believe that hard work,persistence, and learning from mistakes always help.

Secret to good health

I live a disciplined life. I get up early in the morning, go out for a walk at 6:30am, meet with other seniors from the senior clubs and chat with them on topics of various interests. I eat all three meals on time and strongly emphasise on eating nutritious food. I watch some cricket and news post dinner and then sleep at 10pm.

Along with mental and physical fitness, I am also socially active; I never ever miss any birthday party of my friends, neighbours, family or relatives. Five days a week in the evening I go to Dignity Foundation activity centre and participate in their various activities. I am also a part of a social group which on every Tuesday distributes food to poor homeless people living on footpath, I would rate myself 4 on a 5 point rating scale on fitness and active lifestyle. I believe that an active senior citizen is the one who never retires, who keeps himself active, who is always ready to learn new things in life and who keeps himself busy in meaningful work.

Future Plans

I believe in learning new skills for a positive living. Will keep learning new skills and exploring meaningful tasks till my last breath.


My simple message to everyone is to keep yourself happy and do not ever intentionally hurt anyone.


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