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My name is Manikonda Prakash Rao, I am a 78 years young fitness enthusiast from Hyderabad. My role model is Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. My all time favourite movie is Zanzeer and one of my favourite places is the quiet and peaceful place Pondicherry.

Life has never been a cakewalk for me. I was just 18 when my father passed away leaving behind a big family with very little savings. To look after the family I immediately joined a government service as a clerk. While in the service, I joined evening college and graduated in commerce and law. After completion of 14 years of service as a clerk I joined as Police Prosecuting Officer and did my post graduation in Law (LLM) in the evening college of Law, Hyderabad. I was awarded gold medal for securing highest marks in Constitutional and International laws. After 10 more years of service as police prosecuting officer, I took voluntary retirement at the age of 42 to practice as an independent lawyer.

I was successfully practising at high court in service matters but my health started interfering with my work. Since childhood I was suffering from allergic rhinitis. While practising at high court, I used to suffer from recurrent cough and colds which got aggravated and turned into asthma. In spite of using homeopathic and allopathic medicines my suffering continued. Due to long term use of the medicines I started getting side effects. Fed up with using medicines and moving around doctors I started looking for some alternative methods to manage health problems. During that time one of my friends advised me to practice snorting of warm water through nose for cleaning the nasal passages. So, one day I took a glass of warm water and snorted deep into the nose and to my surprise I found that the water went deep into the nasal passages as stated and the whole of the mucus in it got cleaned within minutes and breathing got improved.

That moment changed my life. Not only it relieved me from my health problems but also instilled in me the curiosity to find solution to such problems for myself and for others suffering from the same problem. Since that day out of my curiosity I started studying medical books for understanding different structures of Respiratory System especially the upper airway passages including sinuses, their functioning and their relationship with lungs. Based on that knowledge I devised some exercises by which the respiratory problems can be brought under control within minutes. They are mainly upper airway passages cleaning exercises and bronchial airways cleaning exercises.

To help asthma patients and to create awareness on the exercise based treatment for the same I have started presenting papers at National and International Conferences. Some doctors also invited me to participate in health camps to treat patients suffering from respiratory diseases through exercises.

I consider myself a very active person. I am healthy because I exercise every day. Since my childhood I have been very active. That time I use to participate in kabbadi, volleyball, swimming and drama. Still I am continuing to be active by keeping myself involved in meaningful work for myself and society. I am a satisfied person because I am healthy and also because my family is well-settled.

My message to everyone is to lead a healthy, financially secured life and to help the needy by doing some meaningful work for them.

P.S: If you want to know the exercises discovered by me or you want to read my publications then you can contact me on manikondaprakashrao@gmail.com


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  • Saumya Nigam

    Gone through the story….it’s very positive n inspirational.

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      Senior Express

      Thank you Saumya for your comments. Yes, the story inspires us to find solutions to problems rather than just brooding about it. It also motivates us to contribute something for the betterment of the society.

  • Ram Prasad

    Very motivational story. Keep sharing such stories.

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    Senior Express

    Thank you Mr. Prasad. This page is dedicated to such positive stories. We will be sharing more.

  • Manikonda Prakash Rao

    I am entering 79th year in june next. I hear daily two hours pankaj mallik,k.l.saigal mukesh songs for relaxation purpuse.

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      Senior Express

      Thank you Mr. Rao for sharing information about your relaxation technique. Music to many is the best way of relaxation and recreation.

  • ManikondaP

    My papers on the topic CHRONIC INFLAMMATION AND MUCUS HYPER SECRETION ARE THE FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR VARIOUS RESPIRATORY DISEASES INCLUDING THROAT AND LUNGS CANCERS -PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT THROUGH EXERCISE INTERVENTIONS has been accepted by the cancer conference organisers of Chicago USA and OSAKA JAPAN . The conferences are taking place in the months of December 2018 and at Osaka in the month of July 2018. I am asked to send video presentations on the said topic.

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