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My name is Jayant. P. Nadkarni. I am 73 year “young” optimistic person from Mumbai. After completing my Mechanical and Electrical Engineering I joined Air India and served the national carrier for around 30 years and retired from there as Deputy General Manager. I choose engineering as an career option due to the guidance and motivation from my maternal uncle Shri S.R. Kantebet, who was the head of Overseas communication (now BSNL) in the late 60s. I always followed him as a role model. Along with his guidance his successful career motivated me to choose engineering as an occupation when I was financially and mentally not prepared for it. After my retirement I took up reading as my hobby and I also love watching cricket.

I am happy that I am a part of Parijnan Parivar ( Named after Spiritual head of our community HH Parijnanashram Swamiji), a small group of like-minded people who are involved in the community services like organizing medical camps for destitute and people from lower economic section, visiting orphanages and old age homes and spending quality time with elderly and children. All these activities not only keep me occupied but also gives me a sense of satisfaction.

I have always been an enthusiastic person but a year back something happened which changed my life. One day I started getting cramps while passing urine. My family contacted an experienced Urologist in Mumbai, he asked for few tests and the test reports confirmed that the most dreaded word cancer has attacked my immune system. Then I was referred to an Urologic Oncologist Dr V. Srinivas. At the time of my appointment with the Urologic Oncologist I was too scared to even enter his room. However, after mustering some courage when I entered his room with my family, I found him very positive and empathetic. He explained my case in detail. I had two tumors in the urinary bladder and the sad news was my bladder had to be removed and my intestines were to be recreated as a bladder (Radical Cystectomy). It sounded scary to all of us but the ever smiling oncologist was at his best. He dialed few numbers and within half an hour two healthy senior citizens came and told me that I am in safe hands and it had been a decade that they were living happily after the surgery. After talking to them I made up my mind to go for surgery. Few hours before my surgery an elderly gentleman who himself has gone through radical cystectomy almost two decades ago came to counsel me and it was because of his inspirational talk I went and came back smiling from the operation theatre.

I had my surgery in August, 2015. Just after the surgery, I was trained by a special nurse how to live with a neo bladder and how to change the urinary bag and a plate which is permanently attached to my stomach as an outlet to the urine. Initial few months I found it difficult to adjust but now I am used to it.

In such a tough time, it’s very important that the patient especially the elderly patient must get love, care and support from his family. My elder brother Arvind, my wife Vidya, Son Ajay and daughter in law Neha stood by me ever smiling and giving me hope that I will come out of it safe. My family along with my angel doctor V. Srinivas gave me the courage to fight and defeat cancer. I strongly believe that with a supportive family and positive surrounding, all problems of old age whether health related or age related can be overcome.

With the grace of God, love and care from my family and hard work of my doctor I survived. Now I want to use this life in helping others and fulfilling some of my wishes. At the top of my wishlist is to counsel those who are diagnosed with urinary bladder tumors so that they develop a positive attitude towards life and survive well. Secondly, I want to do community services with my Parijnan Pariwar so that I can bring smile on those faces who need our support and love. Lastly, I want to visit Andamans, the place where great freedom fighter Veer Savarkar was imprisoned by the Britishers.

My message to everyone is that no matter how tough the situation is be positive and hopeful in life. So stay happy and keep smiling!

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  • Ram Prasad

    Very positive story.

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    Senior Express

    Thank you Mr. Prasad for such kind words.

  • Anamika Tiwari

    An inspiring story we can all learn from! Need more of such positivity in all our lives.

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      Senior Express

      Thank you Anamika for your appreciating words. We keep sharing such positive stories on this platform. Please feel free to read it too.

      Senior Express team

  • Joseph Britto

    Dear Jayant,

    Thanks indeed for such an awe inspiring story.

    I am sharing it with my links everywhere!

    With warm regards


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    Senior Express

    Dear Mr. Britto,

    On behalf of Mr. Jayant we thank you for your kind words and for sharing his story among your contacts.

    Best Wishes
    Team Senior Express

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