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Sharing a beautiful story of Mr. and Mrs. Gandhi who believe in living life fully and enjoying each and every moment happily together. They are both 67+. They are a creative and talented couple who passionately pursue their interest in art, craft, dance, singing, socialising and travelling.

They met through their family, had an arranged marriage in 1973 and ever since their love has grown day by day. They are an inspiration and a role model to many young couples.

Let us read their story in Mr. K. M. Gandhi’s words.

All about Us

I am basically from Mumbai. I was born and brought up in a lower middle class family with limited income.  But all this didn’t deter me from getting a degree in Civil Engineering from Bombay University as I was a meritorious student. I started my career with a private company as a civil supervisor and reached a position of Senior Engineer within 6-7 years. This was due to my hard work and passion to excel in life. I worked on some major projects in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmednagar, Dewas and Riyadh. I strongly believe that for leading a financially stable life it is very important to maintain adequate savings. So, I have been saving money since I started my career.  My savings have helped me to not only  take care of all the expenses incurred during my children’s wedding but is also helping me now in leading a secure post retirement life. I have taught this habit to my children too who are now saving money for their families and their old age.

pic 1My wife Meenakshi is basically from Delhi. She has an Honours degree in Physics from Delhi University and was taking tuition at home for Maths and Science.  Her father was an architect and was very concerned about the education of his daughters. Being the daughter of an architect, creativity is in her blood. That is why she is so good in painting, sketching and drawing.

God has blessed us with two children, a son and a daughter. Both are highly qualified and are doing well in their life. My son is well-settled with his family in Pune. He wanted both of us to stay with him in Pune and enjoy our life with him. So, post retirement we left Mumbai and began living with them in Pune. Our daughter is also well settled with her family in Mumbai. We are a happy family; once a year we all go out for some vacation together.  I am very thankful to God and my wife for giving me such a loving and caring family.

Made for Each Other

pic 14People say that we are made for each other.  Our marriage was fixed by our families by matching our horoscopes and degrees. We have been together for 46 years and I must say that ever since we got married our love and respect for each other has only grown day by day and that according to us is the real definition of marriage.

My wife Meenakshi is not only my life partner but also a good friend who keeps inspiring me to pursue those hobbies and interests which I have not been able to pursue earlier due to my work and family responsibilities. She is really my better half who has always been by my side since we got married and has equally shared my responsibilities at all fronts, especially at home. Due to my professional commitments I travelled extensively and often stayed in different places. During these times she took good care of our family but while fulfilling these responsibilities she often ignored her own interests and desires.

I am very thankful to God for giving me such a loving and understanding life partner.

Creativity in Our Heart and Soul

pic 10We both are greatly inclined towards art, craft, music and dance. Meenakshi loves drawing, painting, sketching and dancing. Because of family responsibilities she couldn’t pursue many of her hobbies earlier but after my retirement and settlement of our children she again started trying her hand at sketching and painting at the age of 60 years.  Also during her college days she learned Kathak but was not practising it after marriage due to various family responsibilities, and now after a gap of 50 years she has again started dancing.

Inspite of having a hectic work life I still had an interest in art and craft. During my professional life whenever I used to get some time for myself I watched YouTube videos and TV channels on vegetable and fruit carvings. I learned those skills there and later after retirement I started practising them at the age of 66 years.  Now whenever there is any event in my family or in my friends’ families I prepare salads from vegetable and fruit carvings! In addition to this some of my other hobbies are colouring, singing and dancing. My wife and I also love to travel and socialise with people of all ages.

Fitness Mantra

Often people ask Meenakshi and me the secret behind our active and healthy living. Our secret to healthy living is regular morning walks, yoga and exercises, positive thinking, socialising with people of all ages, pursuing hobbies and taking all three meals on time. We both motivate and inspire each other to lead a healthy, active and productive life.


pic 4Our special message for youngsters is that they must empathise with seniors, have open and healthy discussions with them on mutual topics of interest, and in this way a healthy intergenerational bonding will develop. We share a strong bond with our children and grandchildren because they often discuss things openly with us.

For people of all ages our message for their healthy living is that they must eat nutritious food and avoid junk food.  They must follow a healthy lifestyle by going for regular walks, doing some yoga and meditation for peace of mind, thinking positive, socialising with people, pursuing their hobbies and interests along with their work.





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