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My name is Mangeshrao Deorao Pednekar, I am 88 year old healthy and happy person from Mumbai. My positive attitude towards life and my interests such as doing yoga, collecting newspaper clippings, cooking, keeping house neat and helping family members in household chores are the  reason behind my active and fit lifestyle.

My Achievements

61st wedding anniversary celebration with original marriage invitation1As a student I was very hard-working and was in the merit list of my school. I completed my seven year matriculation course in just four years. I passed matriculation in 1947. Since childhood, I was keenly interested in higher studies so I did B.A. Honors from Elphinston College in 1951 and later pursued M.A. and L.L.B.

I worked as an Assistant Traffic Superintendent in BEST Undertaking, Mumbai. There I prepared road maps for city and suburbs for BEST undertaking, which were printed and sold by BEST and for my single handed work I was given BEST Seva Medal in 1980.

I wrote a book on the life and teachings of Sant Raul Maharaj of Pinguli Village, Kudal, Sindhudurg which is appreciated by his devotees.

I felt very proud when I was honoured at my school, R.M. Bhat High School as the only living student who passed matriculation in 1947.

My Struggles

My father was a primary teacher and family’s income was meagre as compared to the expenses as our family was large. I had to struggle hard and when I got first employment after my graduation, my salary was just Rs. 75 and at the time of my marriage I was getting  only Rs. 150 to support my family. But I remained happy and worked hard. My lifestyle was always simple living and high thinking and because of this attitude I got lots of good friends and well wishers in life.

Childhood Memories

I feel that childhood memories are an essential part of a person’s life which influences our life in many ways and the positive ones always bring a feel good feeling in us no matter how old we grow. Some of my childhood memories which are very close to my heart are:

  • When I was around 10 years old I went to take autograph of dignitaries like Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Acharya P.K. Atre and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in school. I got the autograph of Dr. Ambedkar. I still remember the date 8/10/1945 on which he gave me his autograph along with a message – “Be True to Yourself”. This is a very positive childhood memory which I have.
  • In 1942, during Quit India Movement, I went to Govalia tank ground to hear the speeches of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and other leaders. I was amazed to hear their speeches and saw them face to face.


61st wedding anniversary celebration


The most important person in my family is my beloved wife, Anjani. We got married on 4th July 1953 and celebrated our 61st marriage anniversary with great enthusiasm in 2014. I love my wife a lot and respect her as goddess Mahalakshmi as she is from Kolhapur. Daily after bath I don’t pray to God but I touch her feet and bow before her and this keeps me fresh and active throughout the day.


We both are blessed with a well educated and caring family. Our son Dr. Hemant Pednekar is the Principal of ASC College, Ondhe, Vikramgadh and our daughter Dr. Kamalini Bandekar is the HoD of Geography Department at R.N. Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Our other family members, our daughter- in- law Mrs. Kshama, our grandson Mr. Gandharva, his wife Mrs. Maitreyee and their son and our great grandson Indraneil respect us a lot. Our daughter’s family which comprises of her husband and two children also cares and respects us.

Fitness Mantra

My fitness mantra is – A smile a day makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. So, keep smiling and lead a healthy life ahead.

I am living a healthy and active life by:

  • Eating simple food, mostly cooked by myself. I eat lot of cucumbers to maintain my good health and daily I drink green tea in the morning.
  • Regularly in the morning I sit for sometime in the sunlight as it is very essential for our health.
  • I do yoga early in the morning to keep myself refreshed and fit.
  • For keeping myself active and involved I contribute in household chores and whenever possible I go to market myself to purchase things required by me and my family.
  • To keep myself updated about things happening in the world I read newspaper in the morning and not only that I am fond of collecting newspaper clippings of important news and events.
  • I love composing poems. It makes me feel positive and mentally active. Sometimes, I gift my poems to senior citizens and others in order to spread happiness in their life by making them feel special.

Playing with great grandsonI strongly feel that I am capable of doing anything and nothing is impossible for me. My family thinks that I am old and feeble and they take good care of me. I respect their feelings but I am competent to do my job as well as family’s job as a young man. My doctor has certified that I have a heart of a 50 year old man in an 88 year old body.

According to me an active and healthy senior citizen is the one who does regular yoga, takes simple and digestive food, spend quality time with younger generation and keeps himself and others happy in all circumstances.

Secret to Happiness in Life

Based on my life experiences I can say that the secret to happiness lies in three things:

  • Love and leave anger
  • Work and leave hunger
  • Laugh and live longer

Future Plan

My future plan is to keep myself physically, mentally, financially fit and to live for 100 plus years. I also want to contribute towards the development of the society by educating people.


Always follow the philosophy of ‘simple living and high thinking’ and ‘health is wealth’. Nothing is impossible if you try hard because success comes to those who dare and act. I followed this and it helped me a lot.

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