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My name is Pramod Potnis, I am 76 year old now. I stay at a place called Jat in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. After doing B.Ed, I was teaching in schools and in 1999 I retired as a Principal. Some of my achievements related to my professional life are as follows:

  • I have written a biography of Former Advocate General of Maharashtra Mr. C.J. Sawant namely ‘Jeevan Zale Amrut’ and was awarded Dakshin Maharashtra Sahitya Sabha award for that book.
  • Have written Radio Chintan, short plays under Lokbharati for All India Radio, Sangli.
  • I was awarded Best Teacher State Award by Maharashtra State in 1999.
  • I was awarded Babasaheb Gawde Award twice for a meritorious service as a teacher and principal by Maratha Mandir Mumbai.

I like singing songs, reading books, playing flute, playing badminton and watching cricket. My life has been influenced by some historical personalities like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shri Savarkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Samarth Ramdas and Saint Tukaram. My role models are my spiritual guru Swami Swarupanand and Swami Amalanand. My son Dr. Avinash and Abhay are also my role model. You may wonder how son can be a role model. It is because Dr. Avinash has achieved almost everything in life but still he is down to earth and my younger son Abhay has taught me how to be humble and caring.

My life, especially my childhood was full of hardship. My father belonged to a rich family but due to his sober and humble nature we lost everything and were left with an old mud house. My father was working as a bond writer with no fixed income and my mother lost her one hand by gangerin. She wanted me to become an engineer as I was the eldest among my siblings. After completing school I joined Poona Engineering College to fulfil my mother’s dream. I completed one year while doing part time job. But after that I had to leave college as I had to contribute in my household work and income due to my mother’s continuous falling health. So, I joined as a teacher in a local school and later I did B.Ed and MA. Though my childhood was full of hardship but still I cherish the nice moments which I enjoyed with my family and friends, like going to fair, watching movies in tent, playing local games with friends and many other things.

Despite of the hardships I faced in my life I am satisfied with life because I have a supportive and understanding wife who was also my colleague when I was teaching in a school. We are blessed with two caring and well qualified sons. Dr. Avinash is a Vetinary Doctor and he is well settled in Switzerland with his family. Abhay fulfilled my dream; he became an Engineer and is well settled with his family in Qatar. My daughter in laws and grandchildren respect us a lot. Having a loving and caring family plays an important role in one’s well-being and happiness. I am very thankful to God for the same.

I believe that happiness in life depends on two things, health and peace. I have seen many people around me saying that life is full of struggles. I feel that though sometimes we have to face some struggles in our life but ultimately happiness is a sweet outcome of that struggle. The difficulties and bad days are bound to come. They are the fruits of our deeds (Karma) only. Remember, no profit is expected without investment. You have to invest in the form of love, good habits, good culture, good ethics and good behaviour.

I consider myself a very active senior citizen because I get up early morning, go for walk, help my wife in household chores, play badminton everyday in my club, do exercise, yoga and meditation daily and I do most of my work myself. My wife is also very active. She is an active member of a Senior Citizen Club and is also associated with various clubs which are involved in cultural and social activities. According to me an active and healthy senior citizen is that person who always bestows his/her kind blessings on everyone, has a positive attitude towards life and is never a burden on anyone. I feel that a mature senior citizen is that person who gives freedom to younger generation to think and do things as per their own understanding and choices. Let the youngsters lead their life as they want and as they think. Don’t force them to follow you. Respect their thoughts and the changes that have taken place. This will surely lead to a strong intergenerational bonding.

Right now things on our wishlist are that my wife and I should stay active and healthy, we both should actively work towards serving mankind through our social service, our children and grandchildren should achieve lots of success and happiness in life and we should own a farm house where we can live in natural surroundings.

My message to everyone is to – Never under value yourself, be kind hearted to others, respect others and take care of your health.

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  • Ram Prasad

    Very nice story.

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    Senior Express

    Thank you Mr. Prasad for your positive words.

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    Sarvesh Tripathi

    Firstly I say to special thanks to Mr. Pramod Potnis. It’s really very Beautiful ,heart-touching & Sensational story. Your story is encourage & motivated to specially youth generation.

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    Senior Express

    Dear Mr. Sarvesh Tripathi,

    On behalf of Mr. Potnis we thank you for your appreciating words. We are happy that you found his story motivating and inspiring.

    Best Wishes
    Team Senior Express

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