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My name is Dhanesh Chandra, I am a 70 year old lawyer from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. I have done my LLB in the year 1973 and have an experience of more than 25 years as a Government Prosecuting Officer. After my retirement I started practising as criminal lawyer as I wanted to keep myself active and involved in some meaningful work. I love reading law journals and giving legal advice to my juniors.

My Interests

My favourite city is Gorakhpur as I have spent maximum time of my life here. My role model is my mother, she is the person who taught me to face all the hardships of life with courage and strength. Being a young widow and mother of seven kids, she fought strongly and successfully with her situations and raised all of us in the best possible way. My favourite historical personality is Swami Vivekanand. I am big admirer of his thoughts and messages. I strongly idealise with his views on Hinduism and the practice of our culture in the most positive manner.

Whenever I feel bored and want to do some interesting work then I do some drawing and craft making activity. This energises me and makes me feel positive. I am a socially active person and I like to socialize with people of different age groups and professions.

My Struggles

I lost my father at the age of four. I had five elder siblings (three sisters and two brothers) and one younger sister. We were deprived of the pampering that kids experience in their childhood. So, we became mature and responsible at a very young age. Though all of us struggled a lot I will mention the challenges that I faced personally. Being the youngest brother among my siblings I was made to do the last rites and rituals of my father as my elder brothers refused to do so. I was too young to understand what was going around me at that time. As I grew older many more challenges were waiting for me.

My eldest brother took charge of the family and treated all of us the way he wanted. Though my father was a Zameendaar (landlord) and we were financially strong but due to the poor management of my eldest brother we started losing everything. He never supported us in education. When I got admission in an Engineering course he denied paying the fees. Since, I was a bright student I managed to get admission in BSc Maths from the Gorakhpur University and afterwards completed my LLB. When he got married the conditions worsened. It was at that time that my mother took the painful decision of getting separate and independent from him. All the responsibilities of the family came on me and my second brother. The responsibility of the family did not worry me instead it encouraged me to become more focused and work harder. So, I studied well and got selected for the job of Assistant Prosecuting Officer. Soon after, by the grace of god our life began to stabilise and I was able to give my mother what I owe to her as a son.  

My Achievements

pic 2

pic 3Despite all the struggles and hardships, I am happy for what I am today. I am financially independent. I have earned enough to make myself and my family secure for the future.I have a loving and caring family comprising of my wife, two sons, two daughter-in-laws, daughter, son-in-law and four lovely and very naughty grandchildren.


My Family

My elder son is a Dentist in Gorakhpur. He and his family take good care of me and my wife and we live happily together.


My daughter is a postgraduate in Psychology and my younger son is a HR manager. They both are happily married and well settled with their respective family in Mumbai. I am really thankful to God that after facing hardships during my initial years, he blessed me with a caring and loving family who are my constant source of happiness and life satisfaction.


Healthy Living a Must

I strongly believe that healthy living is a must for a perfect life. To keep myself physically active I go for a walk regularly. I had a heart attack in the year 2003, since then I am very careful about my diet and routine.

I make sure to exercise regularly and keep a watch on my diet. I had the habit of eating betel leaf (paan) earlier which I left after my illness. I overcame my addiction successfully.

I believe that along with physical fitness, mental health is also very important. To keep myself mentally active and involved in some meaningful work, I practice as a criminal lawyer. I do that for the people in need and don’t charge any fees. I also give free advice to my juniors whenever they approach me for any guidance. This gives me lots of satisfaction.

My Message      

Based on my experiences the only message that I want to give to others is – Always stay strong during hardships in life and try to secure yourself financially.

pic 4

For me the secret to happiness in life is to keep oneself fit both financially and physically and to enjoy life to the fullest.


PS – This story is shared by Ms. Saumya Nigam on behalf of her father Mr. Dhanesh Chandra. Saumya is a postgraduate in psychology and is full of creativity.

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  • Maddy Butcher

    Love that pink hair Dhanesh, you can defend me any time!

  • Joy Jacob

    A very realistic and inspiring narration. Satisfaction and happiness are our own creation and no external forces can either give or take them.


    Thanks to S. Nigam for sharing her father life profile with Senior Express. It reflects their bondage and acceptance of her father’ hardship during his early stages. Certainly phyisal, & mental balance along with financial security will help for leading happy and healthy living. Towards this, family support is the primary. At any time, SIMPLE LIVING and HIGH THINKING will help self to be happy and to keep Family as well as Community. Once again thanks to Ms.Nigam and all the best for the happy and healthy living of Shri. D. Chandra by self and helping others.

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