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My name is Shyama Charan Upadhyay, I am 66 years old now. I retired from Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) as Deputy General Manager in 2011. I am basically from Uttar Pradesh and have been settled in Mumbai since 1971. I am an optimist who believes in spreading optimism in other’s life.

My Interests

I love travelling, my favourite cities are Mumbai and Paris. I also like watching movies, my favourite movie is Aarzu (Hindi). When I am at home I love watching TV with my wife.

My role model is Swami Vivekanand. I am deeply inspired by his philosophy since young age.

My Struggles in Life

During the early stages of my life I had to face many struggles, however my positive attitude towards life helped me in facing them well. Today, I am well settled and happy. I come from a modest background. My father was a farmer and I spent my childhood in my ancestral village, but I always had high aspirations. My positive approach, self belief and commitment to work hard helped me in achieving my ambitions.

Since my school days I wanted to study in one of the best universities of India so I studied hard and secured admission to Banaras Hindu University, which was considered to be one of the best universities of the country at that time. After graduating in Science stream I wanted to work in the best city of the country so I came to Mumbai with just Rs 60 in my pocket. After some initial struggle I was successful in getting job in MTNL from where I retired as Deputy General Manager in 2011.

Life after Retirement1

I always wanted to contribute back to the society. However, due to time constraint I could not do this while I was working. Post retirement, to follow my passion of doing social work for needy people I joined Lions Club and currently I am the Vice President of Lions Club of North Mumbai. As a Vice President, I am involved in various social, cultural and administrative activities of my club. I am very happy that here I am able to fulfill my long term dream of doing some social work for disadvantaged section of the society. Right now I am involved in activities associated with health promotion, educational development and protection of environment.

My Fitness Myntra

I strongly believe in the adage “Health is wealth”, I consider myself an active and fit person. I get up at 05:30 am everyday and go for a morning walk for 40 minutes. Then I do light exercise and Pranayam for 30-40 minutes after that I spend some time with my friends discussing about social issues and current affairs.


In addition to the activities at Lions club. I participate in household chores and sometimes I help my grandchildren in their studies and sports activities. All these activities keep me physically and mentally fit. According to me an active senior citizen is a person who is physically and mentally fit and is contributing positively towards the development of the society.

My Family


My mother who is 96 years old is an inspiration for me and my entire family to lead an active and healthy life. She keeps herself physically fit by engaging in multiple household chores.


My wife has been my biggest support at every stage of life, especially during my struggling days. She is a caring  life partner and a good friend who not only supports me in fulfilling my family responsibilities but also actively participates with me in various social and cultural activities of mutual interest. We are blessed to have a caring son and daughter-in-law and two loving grandchildren.

Life Lessons

I believe that life is like a journey, where one needs to keep moving forward and believe that he will achieve his purpose in life by hard work and dedication. While passing various paths, it not only helps us in self realisation but also helps us in understanding and valuing various relationships in our life.

I still remember one sweet memory of my childhood where once I lied to my father and instead of going to buy a book, I went to our farm and tried climbing mango tree with my friends. While doing that I fell and hurt my arm. As I was scared of my dad, I tried to hide from my parents but the pain was really unbearable and my father came to know about it. Without saying a single word he rushed me to a doctor. That time I realised how beautiful and selfless relations are between parents and children. I still cherish that moment and the sweet memories of my childhood.

My Message

Think positive and always try to help those who are in need. Be honest and polite to others. Don’t get too upset when you face tough times similarly don’t get very happy for good things and don’t let ego dominate you. As Bhagwat Gita says, you are only a witness and a means. Feel grateful that you got an opportunity to do things, don’t give credit to yourself.

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