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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, this article is written and shared by Dr. Nidhi Mishra in the honour of her Mother-in-law, Mrs. Usha Tewari who is an iron lady and an inspiration for many women.

This Women’s Day I am sharing a story of a lady whom I admire a lot and who has inspired me to be a strong mother, an independent woman and an understanding daughter-in-law. Yes, I am sharing a story of my Mother-in-law who has inspired me to be a responsible and tough woman in many ways.

 A Strong Woman

pic 6My Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Usha Tewari is a very strong woman. She faced lots of problems and hard times and has always overcame it with her strong will power, determination and hard work. After losing her husband in a young age she brought both her kids single handily as responsible and well mannered citizens. Not only this, she also took good care of the elders in the family, not like a daughter-in-law but like a son. In spite of the sorrow and pain which she was going through at that time she worked hard both at professional and personal front to make her family psychologically and financially secure.  Because of all her hard work and determination, both of her children (elder son and younger daughter) are now well settled in their life and are working at senior positions in multinational companies.

For me my mother-in-law is an Iron lady who has proved to the society that if a woman decides to be strong then nobody can defeat her in any way.

 A Responsible Family Member

pic 1In our society often a son is considered to be the one who will take care of his parents. But my mother-in-law has proved this wrong too. Being the eldest child of her family she has taken care of her parents like a son also at the same time taken care of her in-laws and has tried her best to fulfill all their wishes.

She has been a caring mother, at the same time like a lioness she has not only protected her children from any odds but has also trained them to grow up as a strong and responsible persons. She has always taught them to be sensitive and empathetic towards the needs and well-being of family, friends and the society at large.

She has played an important role in my life too by inspiring me to be a strong mother, an independent working professional and a socially active human being.

A True Teacher at Heart

After completing her Masters in Literature, she had enrolled for a Law degree which she had to unfortunately drop out from due to family commitments. However later when she got a chance to pursue her studies, she pursued Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) and worked for 12+ years as a school teacher.  She never took teaching as just a profession instead she moved ahead and along with the studies was also concerned about the overall development and welfare of her students.

final teacherLike a true teacher even at a personal level she has taught her children (including me) and her granddaughter (my daughter) lessons of love, kindness, care and empathy.




An Example of Active and Productive Ageing

pic 3

She has recently turned 60 and she strongly believes that having a fit body and mind is a key to healthy living. To live a healthy and active life she follows a disciplined lifestyle, balanced diet plan, keeps herself involved in meaningful and welfare based work. She is also very socially active and is ever ready to help any person in need.

pic 15For me she is not only a strong woman but also a perfect example of active and productive ageing who believes that ‘age is just a number’.  I am blessed to have such an inspiring lady in my life.

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    I am at 80 now. I am continuing to present papers at International conferences. Recently I sent video presentation to international conference CELLULAR THERAPY 2018 taking place on 17 and 18 October 2018 at New York USA. The website can be seen.

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