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People call me James. I am basically from Chennai and have been staying in Hyderabad for a long time. I am 73 years old now and love to lead an active life. I did B.Com and have worked as a Stenographer in many public and private companies. I retired from my job in 2004 but continued to work post retirement. Currently, I am working with ‘Life Circle Senior Services’ which is based in Hyderabad. In terms of age I am the eldest employee there. All my colleagues respect me and my work. I am very thankful to the organization for helping me in leading a productive and dignified life.


My Interests

My favourite movie is Uyarntha Manithan (Tamil) and my favourite city is Pune, because I found people of Pune to be very nice, helpful and cooperative. I like watching news on TV and sometimes for giving a good company to my wife, I watch TV serials too.

I strongly believe in the preaching’s of Shri Vivekanand, who is my role model. I also believe in leading an active and healthy life for which I go for early morning walk, play table tennis, carom, and badminton and eat balanced and nutritious diet.

My Family: My Happy World

My family is an important determinant of my healthy and positive life. In my family I have my loving wife Suseela and my two lovely daughters who are well settled with their family. My wife and I had a love marriage and we are enjoying getting old together. Our love and bonding has strengthened with time. Sometimes young couples ask me the secret to our happy married life. I always tell them be empathetic and caring towards your partner and your bonding will strengthen day by day. I love helping my wife in doing household chores because in this way I get to spend some more time with her.  Every day in the morning I prepare coffee for both of us and though I don’t like watching serials on TV but I do that just to give company to my wife.


I Respect Each and Every Relationship in My Life

I am a man for whom each and every relationship is very important.  Be it a relationship with wife, daughters, relatives, friends or colleagues. They are like treasures in my life. I still have very beautiful memories of my school friend Shashi. We use to study and play football together. He will always be in my thoughts till the end of my life.  Similarly, I have high regards for some of my seniors and colleagues with whom I worked in my earlier jobs. I have lot of respect and high regards for my boss and other colleagues in my current job at Life Circle Senior Services. I have very high value for Life Circle Senior Services which is doing a great work in the area of senior’s healthcare. I strongly wish that it should get all the success and fame which it truly deserves for its excellent work.

My Fitness Mantra

I consider myself a very active person and want to keep on working till the end of my life. This is the only way in which I can lead an active, productive and socially responsible life. I lead a disciplined life. I get up daily by 4:45 AM and walk for an hour between 5-6 AM. After a walk I prepare coffee for my wife and myself. I also help my wife in preparing breakfast and lunch for us. After having breakfast with her I leave for office. In the evening after office I help my wife with household chores and in this way spend some quality time with her. I think each and every work is important, whether it is in office or at home. I do every work with full dedication. It keeps me active and positive.

My Message

My message to everyone is to live a happy and healthy life and to value each and every relationship in your life. Be honest, reliable, and straightforward and help others as much as possible.

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