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Mrs. Pushpa Shah (70) and Mr. Ramesh Shah (77) have been happily married for the past 50 years. During this period they have experienced various struggles and achievements together which has brought them closer to each other. They are more like friends rather than spouse and share a lot of common interests like acting, singing, dancing, cooking and socializing with people. They are a perfect example of active living and ageing gracefully together. Let’s read more about them and their active lifestyle in Mrs. Pushpa Shah’s words.



15384364_1415734978457801_3424983045618018518_oI am a retired banker and my husband Mr. Ramesh Shah is a retired teacher who taught for 35 years in a local high school. He still teaches in coaching classes and takes private tuitions for students from class 9th to 12th as he loves teaching. In addition to this he also writes scripts for Gujrati films and TV serials. We are based in Mumbai and we both share some common interests like dancing, singing, acting, participating in cultural activities, participating in fitness activities and socializing with likeminded people. All this helps us live happily and age gracefully together.

That’s How We Met

IMG-20170602-WA0026We have been living happily together for the past 50 years. Ours was an arranged marriage. When I first saw Mr. Shah at a relative’s place I found him good looking. We both liked each other and our marriage was fixed. That time I was in BSc first year and Mr. Shah was teaching in a school. I wanted to finish graduation first so we got engaged at that time and two years later we got married. During those two years we could hardly meet and there were no internet or mobile phones at that time through which we could have communicated. At the time of our marriage I was 20 and Mr. Shah was 27 years old. Now I am 70 and Mr. Shah is 77 years old and we are still as energetic as we were in our young age.

Secret to Happy Married Life

As we all know that life in general is full of ups and downs and so is married life. No marriage is perfect but it can be made a wonderful experience through love, care, understanding, cooperation, empathy, some compromise, a little adjustment, respect and companionship. We both are passionate about living an active and healthy life and we motivate each other to do so. That is why sometimes when I feel little low and demotivated Mr. Shah motivates me to be cheerful and sometimes when Mr. Shah needs encouragement for trying some new activity or health tip for healthy lifestyle, he always finds me by his side. Because of all this we are more like friends than spouse. For a healthy married life, partners should be friends first and then spouse.


One thing which is very important in a married life is that no matter how tough circumstances are just be with each other while facing the struggles and it will make you overcome any obstacle in life. Your unity and love can make many impossible tasks possible. When we got married we were staying in a joint family with very limited space in the house. It was difficult and there was hardly any privacy there but slowly with our hard work and dedication, in some years we bought our own house which was a big achievement for both of us considering our limited salaries at that time.

Our Family Our Lifeline


We are blessed with two loving and caring daughters. Our elder daughter is well settled with her family in United States and the younger one is also well settled with her family in Dubai. We keep visiting them and spend quality time with our grandchildren and son-in-laws. We feel that a happy and healthy family plays an important role in the promotion of well-being of elder members of the family. As our daughters are living happily with their respective family we feel contented and relaxed and enjoy life together.


Our Fitness Mantra


We both keep ourselves mentally and physically fit by pursuing our hobbies and interest like writing, singing, dancing, acting, and travelling and also by doing certain physical exercises like yoga and meditation. We only eat balanced and nutritious diet and avoid junk food. A sleep of 6-7 hours in the night is a must for us.

For a healthy living one must always be ready to learn new and interesting things in life. Like right now I am learning new dance form and Mr. Shah is learning cooking from me.




Our Wishlist

We wish to lead an independent, happy and healthy life ahead. We want to travel together to Kanyakumari, Kerala and Saurashtra in India and would also like to go on a world tour.

Our Message

Our message to all married couples is to be with each other in all circumstances and live life happily. Our message to everyone is to “live life as it comes”. Find solutions to problems, don’t brood over it.

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