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A father-daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful relation in this world. Behind every confident and successful daughter is a caring and responsible father. Sharing a beautiful write up by a loving daughter Ms. Vijayata Verma for her father, who according to her is a constant source of support and inspiration in her life. Vijayata is a Manager at EdelGive Foundation and an alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai. She has gifted this beautiful and heart touching write up to her dad on Father’s day and has shared it with Senior Express too.


It’s said that a Father is like a tree who nurtures their children

I proudly say that I have grown under your shadow and my being is because of you


The name which comes first, the person whom I love and admire the most is you

I have grown up nurtured in your care fulfilling my every single need

You have never spoken but I know of all the sacrifices that you have made

For putting your dreams, your career aside to fulfill our dream, for us to have a better future


Everyone says that we both have a special bond, that you care about me the most

But this is because you never lost your belief in me when I myself have

You have spent sleepless nights waving the hand-fan so we could sleep when there was no electricity

Have taken a week long leave, showing me all the travel routes

Spending day long outside the college for me to get over the fear of travelling alone

You have in fact even challenged God to bring back happiness in my life

You stood by my every decision, and you understand me better than myself

You have given me life and not just once Paa


For all the letters under your pillow for what I do not have the courage to speak to you

For all the times of admitting to doing something which I have not done

Is because my worst fear is to ever let you down

You are my teacher, my inspiration, my role model

Who better to teach me to live life than you Paa

There might be n number of things going wrong in your life

But never have you taken the frustration out on me, never complained to me


You have given your daughters the wings to fly, providing us the education to be independent –

The biggest gift that a father can give to their daughters, to have our back

Your heart is always open to fly back into your nest anytime that we feel

Your honesty, your smile, your positivity, your care for people around, your sincerity inspire me


To treat a person first as a human being irrespective of the class, caste I have innate from you

Life hasn’t been easy but I have never seen you ever speaking ill about anybody

Never to turn your back and to be of support for anybody in need is what I have learned from you

We might not know of your great deeds Paa, because you never speak about them loud

But while walking, when people greet you and share how they admire you,

do I know how great a person you are


I look up to you not just because you are my father,

But because you are a person who have lived life on his own terms,

You have fought against all odds with a smile always

You are my guide, my mentor, my friend, you are my lifeline


I hope I make you proud as I am of you

You make me a better person Paa and I love you the most


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