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It is said that our mother is our first teacher and I strongly believe so. Whatever I am today as an individual, academician and womanpreneur I owe it all to my parents, especially my mother not just because she brought me into this world but because of strong value system that she inculcated in me from a very early age, it helped me shape as a sensitive and responsible human being.

Though I have a PhD degree in Psychology but my first lesson in empathy was taught to me by my mother Mrs. Anju Mishra, who has no formal training in psychology but whose unbiased and non-judgmental attitude towards others is something which I always admire.

I strongly believe that behind every responsible and empathetic person is an emotionally intelligent mother and I am blessed to have such mother in my life who through her love, care and disciplined parenting style has taught me to analyse, look at the bigger scheme of things and do what is right even during challenging and stressful situations when a crucial decision has to be taken.

Though my mother always says that she has done nothing much in her life which can inspire others, I want to tell her and to the entire world that she has not only brought me up as an independent and ambitious woman but has also inspired me to be a loving daughter, understanding wife, caring daughter-in-law and a responsible mother by following her as an example.

I am not just writing and sharing this post because today is a Mother’s day. But this post was pending from a long time and today when I am a mother of two lovely daughters I wanted to put my heart’s feeling towards my mother through these words which are not enough to acknowledge what all she has done to make my world beautiful and comfortable.

Dear Mom, once again wishing you a happy mother’s day. Hope that someday I will be able to live up to your benchmark and my daughters will say and feel the same way about me.

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