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Mothers play a crucial role in the growth and development of their children. Right from changing our nappies to making us a self sufficient person, mothers have an essential role to play in our life. Behind every responsible, healthy and lively person there is a loving, caring and conscientious mother who not only brings a life to this world but also instills in that child feeling of empathy, care, love and respect. These teachings in turn influences the way of living and thinking throughout our lives. No matter how old we grow our mother will always be an integral part of who we are and we can never thank them enough for their contribution in our growth.

On the occasion of Mothers Day we are sharing personal thoughts and feelings of people across different generations on the importance of their mother in their life and their mother’s contributions in their healthy development. This is their unique way of wishing their mother a Happy Mother’s Day.


Upadhyay Uncle“I am 66 year old and my mother is 100 year old, even at this age my mother is concerned about my health and well-being. She is full of love and care for the entire family. I lost my father in 1983 since then she is my father and mother both. I see happiness on her face whenever I am with her. She is very dear to me and every day when I get up in the morning I remember her and pray to God for her good health. For me every day is mother’s day.” Shyamacharan Upadhyay, Mumbai


VijayataMy Mumma is my biggest strength. She became the catalyst for turning my life cycle and paving the path on which I am walking today. During my post graduation when I had to stay in the hostel I got my family’s approval only because of my mumma who stood by my decision and said “if other girls can stay in hostel and make their career why can’t my daughter?” This forged my entry in the Development sector and there has been no turning back. I learnt a very big lesson of my life that day and guess for the first time, I was looking at my mumma with not just love but respect of what she is.

I have always seen my mother standing for what she feels is right. She is a home maker but firstly a very strong person. Now that I reflect back on my attitude towards life, I guess it got developed looking at her. I cherish my mom, she is my best friend and I feel so proud of her. Love you Maa for just being the way you are. Happy Mother’s Day. For me it is everyday.” Vijayata Verma, New Delhi 


Anamika“My mom has worked tirelessly to raise three daughters along with managing the demands of a career as a college and a school teacher. She has always taken great pride in our academic and extracurricular achievements and that egged us on to do more. She has set an example for all three of us by continuing to invest in her own education and has recently completed MA in Hindi with a gold medal from SNDT University, Mumbai. She has always taught us to not take any injustice lying down and be forthright with people. She is the emotional bedrock of the family and is the binding thread between all the family members. Her cheerful disposition, sense of humor and active social life inspires us to believe that you can raise a family as well as have fun in the process!” Anamika Tiwari, Mumbai



“In my childhood I found my mother to be an innocent, emotional and simple lady. She was less friendly rather somewhat stricter to me in comparison to my father. In my teenage she was more or less my rival, than a good friend. I always missed a good friend in her. I always missed her lap to cry whole heartedly instead I was more open to my father for every discussion and share of life. But evolving with time as a young lady I felt a drastic change in my feelings towards her. I could now understand her better. Her strictness, her reserve nature, her alert watching eyes all now has logic for me. Probably she also evolved as a mother with her growing children especially daughters. Being a married lady and mother I can now better understand her feelings and thoughts. Earlier she was not comfortable in showing her feelings towards me but now she is always available with her experience and support at every stage of my marital life and motherhood. Indeed I feel myself as a reflection of her personality plus what I wanted her to be with me.” Shaivya Dwivedi Tripathi, Bareilly




“My mother is the inspiration who fuels my aspirations. She has been my mother as well as father, while growing up. When she came to Mumbai she had only SSC, after getting married she completed her post graduation. Her happiness lies in providing care and support to our family. I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She is the pillar of strength for our entire family.” Gandharva Pednekar, Mumbai





“Since my childhood my mom is my favorite person. She has been my best friend, motivator, mentor, counselor and everything. The bond between us became even stronger after I got married. She has been there beside me always, be it my good times or my low times. Love you a lot mumma. Wish you good health and lots of happiness always in life. Happy Mother’s Day!”  Tina Thapa, Doha, Qatar





“My mother has been my constant source of support, even when things were rough she always stood by me and even today I am the center stage of her day, which makes me feel special every day. I don’t think one can ask for more.”  Pooja Sarkar, Mumbai



“My mother is my confidant, sunshine, teacher, chef, psychologist, angel, right hand, doctor, story teller, problem solver, heart healer, peace and soul! She is my best friend and my partner in crime. She raised me to be an achiever not only in academics or work culture but in life as a whole. Can’t be more thankful to her and to the supreme power who blessed me to be her daughter!” Kinjal Bodani Bhagat, California, USA




“Mom, when I see you, your acts of service, your calm under pressure, your ability to care so deeply, face life’s challenges with a hearty laugh and your concern for the welfare of those who come in touch with you – helps me survive and thrive in this completely insane world. Hope the day comes soon when I face the mirror and can see same qualities in me.” Ajay Nadkarni, Mumbai



“When I was giving the most important interview of my life for the finest FMCG of this country I was asked which famous personality has influenced me and without a doubt I said none because I have been influenced by the most humble, caring, helpful and inspirational person I have ever known in my life and that’s my mother. She has been a learning institution for both my brother and me. We have learnt so much from her but the biggest learning was to be fearless and take every challenge head on. Even in the toughest situations I can draw the strength by simply thinking about her. This mother’s day all I want to say to my mom is thank you. I will always try and do the right thing because that’s what my mother has always taught me. Loads of love.” Aakancha Tewari, Mumbai




“My mom is my God; every breath I take is given by her. She is the most caring and loving person in my life who has unconditional love for her family. She is the best cook in the world. She is the most precious jewel in my life. Love you Ma.” Astha Mishra, Amsterdam, The Netherlands




“My Mother is my first ‘Guru’. She has struggled a lot in her life for her career. Because of her I have learnt that we should never lose our confidence and should always give our best and achieve our destination unquestionably. Thank you Aai for everything. May be these are very small word from my side to you. LOVE YOU.” Roopali Tamhane, Mumbai



“My mother is an inspiration to live life peacefully and without any expectations despite of all the odds in life.” Saumya Nigam, Mumbai






“I am blessed to have two loving mothers in my life, my mother and mother-in-law. One is an example of Mother Teresa and the other one is of Mother India. I am sure while reading this they will guess which one is whom 🙂 . Both are an inspiration for me as they are not only a symbol of love and care but are also a great source of strength for our family. I am really lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.” Nidhi Mishra, Thane


Manindr“My mother is the reason behind what I am today. Like every mother she took care of me and nurtured me, but she did not pamper me. She taught me to be responsible and be proactive. She covered me when I was tired but made sure that I should be tough enough to bear harshest of environment.  I know every mother teaches her child good things, what do I remember most concretely is her emphasis on the respect of basic things like food and water. She never allowed wasting even a little amount of food or a glass of water. My mother belongs to a farmer’s family and is a farmer herself. She has lots of patience and knows things take time to come in final shape. 

One best thing about my mother is that she accepted my failures as the part of the journey and never put any pressure to top the race. I remember the year 2016 when I was a jobless fellow for almost 14 months in a row, situation was very tough and my sister was helping my mother to meet the expenses at home. Though I was not taking any help from them but was not able to contribute anything. My mother never asked a single question about it. I remember she said once “I know, no one wants to be a jobless, there must be some appropriate reasons for you to quit your job, don’t worry find a suitable one I will manage here at home.”  She is the tree under which I crawled, played and grown up and even at the age of 32 her lap is the only place where I find finest of the rest and peace.” Manindr Mishra, Padrauna




“Although I am 80-year-old now and it has been many years since my mother passed away, her memories are still very fresh in my mind. I lost my father in a very young age and since then she took care of me and my siblings as both mother and father. My mother continued her life journey till the age of 95 years and has inspired me a lot to lead a healthy and active life. On the occasion of mother’s day I am sharing her picture which I always keep with me.” Pandurangarao Sripathi, Hyderabad





“My mom passed away when I was 5-year-old and she passed the responsibility of taking care of me to the divine goddess and since then she stays with me and guides me in the form of energy and I am blessed to have her wherever whenever I need. Here is the picture of my mother and grandmother, I strongly believe that they both are still with me, guiding me and nurturing my soul.”  Netri Desai, Mumbai



“I am 59-year-old and whenever I think about my mother some lovely memories of my childhood fills my mind. She is no more in this world but will always be in my heart. My mother has been a strong support in my life. When I was eight-year-old I lost my speech and memory and was mostly confined to the cot. That time my mother was always by my side and was taking me from hospitals to temple with the hope that I will be cured. With God’s grace and her strong faith, I recovered. I am very much thankful to my mother for what I am today. I am sharing the only picture which I have of her.” 

Lakshmi Narayana Nagisetty, Hyderabad


Our Mothers are our lifeline, one person who plays an important role in shaping our life. We at Senior Express feel pained when we hear cases of elder abuse where mothers are being neglected, ill treated, abandoned and in some extreme cases mentally and physically tortured. So, this mothers day lets take a pledge to reach out to any ill treated or lonely mother in our vicinity who needs a helping hand and a caring heart because even small gestures count.

Keep loving and respecting your mothers because they are the most precious gift of God. Wishing all lovely mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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  • Manikonda Prakash Rao

    Really, it is a very important day for children. But unfortunately children forget their parents after their settlement in life. They forget one day or the other they also will be in the same place. my reqest is be with parents partulary with mothe or atleast be in touch with them

    • Profile photo of Senior Express
      Senior Express

      Thank you for your valuable comment Mr.Rao. Yes, mothers are a very important part of our life. We should always be thankful to them for their role in our life. They are a precious gift from God and must always be loved, cared and respected. In this article you must have noticed that people across different age groups (25-80 years) have praised their mother for their growth and development. In this article we have also raised our voice against such cases where mothers are being, neglected, ignored and abused by their children.


    Happy for the best way of respecting MOTHERS on a special day. Congrats for your commitment and concern. Thanks for the posting.. we all should respect WOMEN in general and particularly Mothers when they are old. Looking forward to share more.

    • Profile photo of Senior Express
      Senior Express

      Thank you Mr. Nagisetty for your appreciating words and for sharing your positive thoughts about respecting women of all ages. We are also very thankful to you for sharing your feelings about your mother’s role in your personal growth for this article.

  • Ashok Mishra

    Dr.Nidhi Mishra’ s collection of Mothers contribution to each one’ s life is so precious and her sacrifices done to feed and make us prosper in life though felt by all is really remarkable.She has made beautiful effort with photograph of both mother and child .She should be praised for her effort to do so at such a valueable moment of MOTHER’S DAY . Really deserves to be honoured.

    • Profile photo of Senior Express
      Senior Express

      Thank you Mr. Mishra for your appreciating words. We are glad that you liked this article. Your words really means a lot to us. Look forward to your active participation.


    Last week i had a chance of meeting two mothers (one at NGO ,& another at family function both 70+,) having similar problem. Both are abused by their children mostly for properties. One good thing is that both are financially secured (drawing widow pension). When they expressed their problem, i had a patient hearing for more than an hour (for each) and explained about their rights and process to protect themselves for happy living. Given some tips and asked to call me when required. This type of hearing and counselling made them to get better awareness and confidence to face the real situation on day to day basis. This type of counseling is part of my training and rehabilitation in general and mothers having children with disabilities. In many cases the negative attitude / environment has been charged to positive and further to move towards happy and healthy living with dignity, & respect within the community itself.

    Hope to continue the process and further to work for the EMPOWERMENT of Mothers who are more vulnerable with in the family & community.

  • Profile photo of Senior Express
    Senior Express

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Mr. Nagisetty. You are doing a great work. All the best for all your endeavours.

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