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My name is Joseph Britto, I am 66 year old passionate Agriculturist from Bangalore. I have done BSc in Agriculture and have almost four decades of work experience in the field of agriculture and imports. Currently, I am working as a Senior Support Manager with a private firm which promotes Organic Agriculture. I love spreading agriculture related news and information to people working in this field, especially young entrepreneurs.

My role model is Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and my favourite historical personality is Mahatma Gandhi. I love listening to Hemant Kumar’s songs and moving my legs on the Beatles songs. I also enjoy watching cricket, hockey, football and tennis.

As an agriculturist and a compassionate human being I feel pained when I hear about the poor conditions of farmers and their land. I want to spread information about the latest safe and organic practices of agriculture which can improve the living condition of farmers. Based on my extensive experience of working in this field, I am guiding and informing each and every agriculturist who is approaching me for seeking information related to this field.

Currently, I have a following of about two thousand young agriculturist and horticulturist. I guide them, clarify their doubts and also encourage them to stay in the field and improve and share their knowledge. This is just a small contribution from my end towards enhancing the quality of agriculture in our country. I have also written a book titled ‘Gardenica’ with a special focus on gardening and home kitchen remedies.

Along with my passion for agriculture, I strongly believe in the concept of positive ageing and feel upset when I see people associating old age with physical and mental decline and depression. I am 60+, still I am very active and still I have the passion to do something meaningful for the society. Since childhood I have the ability to withstand pressure and pain. At this stage I have the same stamina. This is because of simple living, positive thinking and disciplined lifestyle.

I am a contented person who is happy with his professional life and is living happily with his dear wife and lovely daughters. I believe that I have been stationed as a short term visitor on planet earth and need to pay back to mother nature all that it has given me and to leave this environment in a better shape and condition.

My future plan is to continue to gather information in the field of agriculture and pass on the information about the latest advancements in technology to as many knowledge seekers as possible. I want to guide the youth and young at heart and inspire them to do more for our great country by promoting sustainable and ecological farming.

My message to everyone is to do something meaningful for others, share your knowledge and do maximum good. If you cannot do good then at least do not harm anyone.

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