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My name is Waman Jog, I am 88 years old and my wife is 82. I had a working life till the age of 68 and after that I took interest in social service in two institutions in Pune, one for senior citizens and the other for college students. This was continued till I was about 82 years old. Experience of both was very interesting and life enriching. Now because of physical problems, I am unable to go out much and had to stop that activity. I can go to cinema, theatre, music programmes or even for shopping. However my brain, eyes and ears are working OK and I do not have any complaints about life at this age and stage.

Though we have children, we took a decision to spend rest of our life in old age home. For the last 15 years we are staying in an old age home in Pune. Both of us and our children are very happy with that decision and we are going to stay here till the end.

We make conscious effort to enjoy our life here and also try to involve other residents in making everybody’s stay more enjoyable.

Interest & Hobbies

with computerOne way in which my life is different from people of my age is that I try to keep up with the latest developments. I am fully computer savvy, do internet banking, online shopping and enjoy reading books on computer/tablet/Kindle and such devices. Recently, I have purchased Amazon Fire stick and am enjoying watching streaming pictures and music. I have also downloaded music from YouTube and stored it on pen drives/mobile etc. and can play it anytime at my convenience without going out and asking others to help.

I used to be an amateur magician and used to give magic shows of more than one hour duration. It is a very interesting art but unfortunately no educated person is interested in learning it.

I write and direct short one-act plays suitable for our age group. Videos of two of these plays have been uploaded on You Tube.


My wife supports me in all my activities. She is my best friend.

with familyOur children/grandchildren visit us occasionally and we enjoy those visits. We go out for lunch with them and I am always the host. Now we do not go to them because they do not have all the facilities that have been developed for use of elderly people. There is no open space in their societies for us to walk and it is not possible for us to walk on the busy roads. All their friends are of their age group and it is not so easy for us to talk on subjects dear to them. Moreover we are accustomed to our lifestyle, regular timings etc. and it is not easy for us to adjust to their lifestyle. So we are happier with this arrangement. They rush immediately in case of our need, so there is nothing to complain.

Message to Others

I do not pray for long life but wish to live till I can lead an independent life. Financially I am well off as I retired from a senior position, so I get good pension and after me my wife will continue to get family pension.

My message to everyone is that good health and financial stability is a must for an active living in old age. So, one must always strive to achieve these things in life for a happy living.

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