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Senior Express is inviting stories of Active Seniors (above 60 years) who wish to inspire others through their story.

Who can share a story:

  • Seniors who are above 60 years, leading an active life and are interested in sharing their experiences with us
  • Youngsters can share stories of their 60+ parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers or colleagues

How to share a story:Please contact us at with your contact details and just a simple message in the subject line – “Interested in sharing a story”. We will get in touch with you.

So far such inspiring stories have been shared – Stories of Active Seniors






  • ManikondaP

    The suffering of seniors, no body can make out. Various circumstances will influence it. I feel age is no bar for seniors to involve any any activity.
    We must create such circumstances ourselves and proceed in life. Even at the age of 80 I am sending my video presentation to the whole world conferences. For example I have sent my video presentation to the organising committee of CELLULAR THERAPIES CONFERENCE 2018 NEW YORK USA . The conference is taking place on 17th and 18th October 2018. The organisers have taken me as their committee member and also as a renowned speaker. The video will be played on 18th of October before the delegates. My topic is on PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF RESPIRATORY DISEASES INCLUDING THROAT AND LUNG CANCERS. My humble request to all of our seniors is to try to involve in some activity. I congratulate our Dr Nidhi Misra for opening a website SENIOR EXPRESS.IN . She is doing service to us. My best wishes to her.

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